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Zeiss VR One Connect: Cheap Steam VR Upgrade for Smartphone VR

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Gadgets

At the Ifa 2017, Zeiss will present the new VR One Connect motion controllers. They remind in their form and functionality of Google's Daydream remote controls, but can significantly more. As the most important feature, they allow connection to Steam VR. Users will be able to stream large games like Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 or Doom VFR to their smartphones. In addition to a touchpad like on Valves Steam Controller, there is also an analog trigger and two buttons for each hand.

The one-connect controllers allow motion inputs on three axes. It is therefore not possible to detect the position in the room. It is therefore played sitting or standing on the spot. However, a future upgrade over Dacudas room-scale detection via the Smartphonelinsen would be conceivable. The controllers are extremely light and lie very well in the hand at the first try at the fair. Also the analog trigger on the back feels good.

For Zeiss, the controllers are a further component in the expansion of the in-house VR One Plus modular VR system, where the sensors of the smartphone take over the headtracking and the image output for Virtual Reality. The new controllers should also work with other Smartphone VR solutions. The VR One Plus supports mobile phones from 4.7 to 5.5 inches. Further requirements is the iOS or Android app. The VR One Plus is compatible with most current smartphones.
After the new controllers connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth, the bundled data including the video stream are connected to the game PC via USB 3.0. For this purpose, VR One Connect is a three-meter-long USB-3 extension cable. The controllers themselves work with two AAA batteries.

How liquid and highly resolved the VR experience ultimately fails, depends of course on the used smartphone. Particularly exciting could be the connection with future mobile phones, which support a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Apple could use this for example with the coming new iPhone. The current iPad Pro already supports 120 hertz.

    VR One Connect (Photo: Zeiss)

Zeiss VR OneConnect is scheduled to come on sale at the end of the year for 99 euros. In the bundle with the headset holder VR One Plus (single 120 Euro) the new product will be available for a total of 200 Euro.


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