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Zak Brown: McLaren thinks about his own Formula 1 engine after

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

05 September 2017 – 15:07
So now: McLaren might well imagine 2021 to build their own engine for the Formula 1, as far as the new regulations are much cheaper

Zak Brown could imagine his own McLaren engine now

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(cafetheology.org) – So far, McLaren has always denied having an interest in building its own Formula One engine. This could, however, change in the coming years. The background is the new engine regulation of the royal class, which takes effect from the season 2021 onwards. Although the new rules have not yet matured, there is a lot of evidence that the drivetrains in the Formula 1 are again less complicated – and thus also cheaper. "We are looking forward to seeing the new engine formula for 2021", reveals McLaren- Boss Zak Brown, explaining, "Then we'll see if we're thinking about our own engine, or whether other manufacturers are coming along because of the new rules, so we need to focus on the next three years keep our eyes open. "For McLaren is still trying to get out of the contract with Honda – but that is difficult. It is clear that Woking will not be involved in the current generation of engines. After all, you will only drive the engines for three more years, which is why your own engine is no longer worthwhile at the moment – and it would be much too expensive anyway. "We do not want to be in the position to spend several hundred million to build a motor – as is the case now, "explains Brown. That is why one would still have to access external motors up to and including 2020. Possibly a transitional phase until 2021 itself intervenes? Brown explains that the situation will be analyzed in detail. "I think the landscape in Formula 1 will change very positively from 2021," he says optimistically. He recalls that such topics as "Budgetobergrenze, Redistribution of Revenue and New Motor Rules" should be postponed until then. In this context, Porsche also recently confirmed interest in a possible entry into the Formula One as an engine manufacturer.

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Being Ferrari riders in Italy is something special. Kimi Raikkonen is even scolding the face of the rumble at the Formula 1 parade in the center of Milan. Even if he remains in his attitude in principle: fun in the royal class does not make him the drumherum, but the racing.

According to Brown, the current manufacturers in the field are great, "but it would be healthy for the sport to have an independent engine." However, the latter must then also be good enough to win races. Brown says, "We believe there is an independent and competitive engine – not just another engine to fill the field." Over the past few years, the Red Bull team has been calling for an independent Engine manufacturer in the royal class. At McLaren, it is also hoped that this will be the case, but I would like to wait a moment with my own engine. According to Brown, it is "difficult" to make a decision now. For too long, one should not let in Woking but also if it is really serious.


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