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Zak Brown: May be that we are in the end the dumb

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 16:08

Zak Brown is making his decision no matter what

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(cafetheology.org) – It is clear that a decision of the scope of the separation of McLaren and Honda is numerous reactions. In social networks it was often read what would happen at McLaren if Honda 2018 suddenly had to build a powerful engine. McLaren boss Zak Brown knows the risk, finally, the Renault drive unit is not necessarily as the measure of the things in Formula 1. It also makes clear that a separation was inevitable. Honda has already announced full-bodied, with Toro Rosso to come in the top 3. Do not such statements doubt the decision? "Every time you make a decision, there is this element 'What if we were wrong?'" Says the 45-year-old. "But you have to do your homework, it's a group decision that has not been easy, we've made this decision and have to live with the consequences, and if they win a race next year, we will be a bit stupid." "We had a big problem at the start of the winter tests, nine in the first year is understandable, sixth place in the second year was an improvement and but this year we want to improve again, but this year is like the first again. Honda had built a completely new drive unit in the winter, which has adopted the previous "zero size" concept. "We've done everything to help Honda," he said. "We've tried everything." The relationship was different from what some of them did but I'm not sure if it's true, but it's not a good thing, but it's not a good thing, but it's a good thing but we're going to have a barbecue party in Japan, as we always do. "Whether an engine manufacturer who has won only six races since 2014 is the right choice? "I would be happy if we had won six races!" Brown laughs. "Renault won many races, we know their plans and have confidence in them, Ferrari was not where they are now twelve months ago, although Renault is only the third-best engine to win races not too far back. " He adds that he hopes that McLaren will finally be back on the podium with Renault Power. Once again, McLaren has made a similarly risky decision this season when Fernando Alonso was sent to the Indianapolis 500 2017. Despite the failure with engine damage, the undertaking is generally regarded as a success. "At the time, they also said, 'What if Fernando hurts? What if you missed the big throw in Monaco?' Fernando did not hurt, and Jenson (Button) was out of the pit lane, which would have happened to Fernando. I think you have to look forward and not back. "


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