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Zak Brown: Alonso contract "the last big part in the puzzle"

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

15. September 2017 to 19:29

Will Fernando Alonso be at McLaren 2018? This must be done

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(cafetheology.org) – After McLaren has knocked the biggest Dominostein with the cap of the Honda compound, the team is now looking for the following construction sites. According to Managing Director Zak Brown, the main focus now is on retaining Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard is considered one of the driving forces behind the Honda farewell, because he did not want to do another year with the Japanese. If he were to remain with McLaren, he would know with Renault again the engine manufacturer in the stern, with which he his two Weltmeisterititel 2005 and in 2006. Brown is confident that Alonso will be able to stay: "He has been waiting for the technical solution we will come in. He has won the Renault title, he is happy with the racing team, and we are very happy with him" , stressed the Brite. Aonso had announced to be clear in September about his future. "There are still 15 days left," he laughs at his future. The Spaniard would like to go to Singapore with Singapore to learn about their plans. "I do not have any data on what Renault expects, and what improvements it has planned for the coming year," he does not want to make public. "He believes McLaren has already chosen the right path:" If McLaren thought it was time for a split with Honda and a change to Renault, then because they have good information about the coming year, hopefully bringing us back into positions that McLaren, according to the opinion of many, heard – and that's the fight for Podium places and championships. "At McLaren one is convinced that one would be there with another engine manufacturer already in 2017 there. Again and again they were talking about being at least one with Red Bull, and in the coming year you can prove the proof – best with Fernando Alonso. "This will be the last major part of the puzzle," says Brown. This should be at least short term, because in the long run there are still a few open questions to clarify. Is Renault just a transitional solution? And how will it be with the McLaren finances, if the cash syringe Honda will inject nothing more? Zak Brown says: "It's not a short-term solution," he says about Renault. "No one knows what the engines will look like in 2021, but we think that we have the foundation for a long-term partnership." Financially, the CEO does not worry: "We are a large team and are lucky enough to be dedicated shareholders We want to win races and make the right sporting decisions – the business will follow. " Even in the short term, no problems are to be expected. "Otherwise we would not have made the decision if we had not been prepared," emphasizes Brown. And with a possible success and Fernando Alonso as a driving horse, it is certainly easier to find sponsors. This must be done now.


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