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YouTube: Martin Schulz confesses '' Waschpulver '' – Jugendsünde

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | World News

What fell under the TV duel under the table will be caught up in the Youtube-Interview. Three weeks after the chancellor, SPD challenger Martin Schulz is well-off in the cross-examination of the prominent net "self-proponents" – and betrays his second-biggest youth sin.

So there are still surprises in this rather sluggish election campaign. Tuesday afternoon, in a Berlin studio of a subsidiary of the TV group ProSiebenSat.1. Nihan, a young German with Turkish roots, who with Youtube with beauty and entertainment tips keeps more than 780,000 people in a good mood, wants to tickle in the live interview from Martin Schulz, which was the biggest crap he had built in his youth ,

Schulz ziert himself first
("I'm ashamed") until he unloads his "second worst" juvenile sin: "I once poured a package of washing powder into the outdoor pool in the middle of a night of perversion …" says the chancellor candidate. He had climbed over the fence, and the police had already entered. But Schulz was not caught "I was fast enough."

Angela Merkel had revealed years ago what was most embarrassing to her in her youth: "Crawling with a new training suit from a Westpack into a resinous tree cave," she once wrote in a questionnaire for the "SZ magazine".

The Chancellor was interviewed three weeks ago by an audience of four Youtube stars. The video was called over 1.7 million times and almost 50,000 times commented. Merkel's performance was mainly dependent on her, her favorite emoji is the smiley face – and "when it's all right, a little little heart".

 On the evening of the sunday, Merkel and Schulz had a pretty cuddle in the big TV duel. Especially young viewers were annoyed that not a second about education and as well as not at all over the fast Internet was talked, with which some prominent "self-actors" in the net more money than top politician or manager.

"That hurts a natural, very clear"
If Schulz thinks about some hate commentaries when he goes to bed in the evening, interviewer "MarcelScorpion" also known as Marcel Althaus, who has more than two million subscribers on Youtube. Schulz admits this untroubled. "That hurts you, of course." He also talks about his well-known alcohol addiction. Like his dream of becoming a football professional, he flew from the school, grabbed the bottle, got rid of it, then became a merchant. His advice to the young generation: "Do not throw your life away!"

  Many of the up to 15,000 viewers who follow the conversation at Youtube and comment on Twitter, like how the 61-year-old is presented. "Schulz is much more sympathetic and not so" fake "as Merkel, he is much more spontaneous, and I like that," writes an "Alex".

"I fight to the last meter"
Thus the network community learns that the Schulzens had budgerigars, that he wanted to be a champion in animal protection in Brussels ("How I could"), his wife, who he otherwise strictly abstained from the election campaign, a "sustainability sponsor and pedagogue" who are fighting around Wurselen for endangered species. Schulz is not a serial junkie, but he knows "House of Cards" (like Francis Underwood he does not want). After the election, a legalization of cannabis was to be voted in the Bundestag without a party vote.

Mirko Drotschmann alias "MrWissen2Go" still wants to find out whether the professional politician is the everyday check. What does the liter of milk cost for Aldi? Schulz is quite good at 70 cents, and he also knows the price of butter, which rose to almost two euros. "I was not prepared," he says. The SPD's bad poll ratings are also the topic. Has he completed the mission chancellor? "I did not write this down, I'll fight to the last meter."

"Do not do it with the washing powder at home!"
In the large TV duel on Sunday, Schulz could score points with undecided voters, but overall he lost the polls against Merkel. The trip to the networld liked him better. "It was fun," he says to a Selfie with the four Youtubers. "Formats with 4 interviewers can get up," says Schulz. Only one worry drives him. "But please do not do it with the washing powder at home!"


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