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Youtube Kids: No advertising for sweets and the thing with Bibi & Tina

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

In the US, Youtube Kids have been around since 2015, now the German subsidiary of Google has only available on an app available on tablets and smartphones with Android and iOS in Germany and Austria. Youtube Kids is intended for children aged between two and six years and their parents, to be a safe environment for watching videos. There are quite officially among other things such as Heidi, Biene Maja and contents of Janosch or Ingo Siegner (dragon coconut).

Golem.de has explained the offer divided into the four ranges series, music, learning and exploring at Google in Munich. The selection of the videos is mainly by algorithms. Say: Youtube Kids pulls the content from the regular Youtube into its area over. Anyone who uploads videos can directly determine during the upload process that the film is not suitable for kids.
Quick response in case of problems
Employees of Youtube attack when parents report a video as inappropriate. Such content is to be checked as quickly as possible and around the clock and, if necessary, deleted immediately. This is done by Google employees around the world. During the day the probability is rather high and at night rather low, that the employees in Germany sit – but all should follow the same guidelines.

On YoutubeKids there is advertising, but according to company information only in very low frequency. Each clip is checked manually. No advertising is to be made for drinks, foodstuffs or sweets.
In Germany, Google cooperates closely with Jugendschutz.net and the organization Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter (FSM). Apart from this, there is also close cooperation with children's booksellers and authors. Their representatives have shown great pleasure at Youtube Kids at the event, because they can now offer their content within a clearly separated app from the rest of the online world.
Why this is important, the company Kiddinx-Verlag explained to us, the publisher behind Bibi & Tina. If you simply look for Youtube after the series, land quickly with the cosmetics blogger Bibis Beauty Palace – which is hardly suitable for younger children. In addition, from there they could easily surf to even less content intended for them. This can not happen within the closed world of YoutubeKids.
Total time adjustable
The application allows the parents very extensive configuration options. You can, for example, set the total time that the newcomer can spend with video grabbing a day, and they can deactivate the search function, which is available by language, so that only the selected content can be tapped.
How important kids are now for Youtube are a few figures: the almost one hour long children's songbook Wheels on the bus with almost two billion clicks belongs to the most watched videos on the platform at all. In Germany too, there are almost always a few children in the list of the most popular films. Children worldwide are currently the fastest growing genre.


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