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Yamaha starts well in Silverstone: Rossi satisfied with the Pace

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

Vinales is the track in the heart of British motorsports. Nevertheless, he does not believe that the previous year's race will be repeated. "The race in the previous year was a bit strange, but it was very fast, but we're just waiting, I feel good, especially on used tires, I can drive constant lap times." The 22-year-old is therefore confident. He knows, "I can do great things here, tomorrow I would like to increase even further." With the good memories of the very first MotoGP victory in the previous year and the better feeling on the Yamaha than last time in Austria, Vinales will take the pole position in Q2. "We would have done what we did today, we would have done a good job today, we would be ready if the race was tomorrow", he says.Rossi confident: "Have a good speed" Especially the electronics could Improve. As already mentioned by Rossi, the test in Misano was helpful last Sunday. "In Misano, we have increased a lot in the test, which is a track that is set with long drawn, fast corners, the bike is very stable, and if we are fast in Misano, we can be fast on other routes World bronze medalist. Also the electronics worked well, feeling on used tires was much better. Most recently in Spielberg, Yamaha struggled with a strong breaking rear tire and no grip.

After FP1 best time and P3 in FP2, Maverick Vinales is in a good mood

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"I am therefore confident that we can be quick in the race because we can improve the electronics a bit." Rossi adds, "We were able to drive a lot of laps on a tire set and were able to work with used tires in particular, we tried the medium and the hard tire, some even went with the soft tire, so it seems very open Will be the best at the rear wheel. "Rossi was able to ride a race simulation with both tire mixtures for up to 14 laps each. "We have a good pace on the used tire, so we are quite fast, my lap times were very constant and fast, which was a good start, of course, we still have a lot of work to do with the tires, but we have a good speed I'm happy. "Conditions: Vinales is criticizing, Rossi takes it easy. According to Vinales, the conditions are not the best in Silverstone. "It is worse than in the previous year, especially at the curve exit from curve 16. There it is much wavy," describes the Spaniard. Already in the run-up, it was feared that the Formula 1 cars produced more ground shafts through the larger downforce this year. "It's the same for everyone, so we have to adjust the bike and we do not lose too much time there," he says. But Ross leaves his neighbor's garage: "The track is not much worse than last year, I think It's more or less the same. " In the third practice session on Saturday morning, Yamaha will now concentrate on small details and the tire selection for the race, explains Rossi. He hopes to go to the podium on Sunday for the fourth time in a row in the UK.


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