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Xlayer and BNY with USB Type C: Power Delivery Batteries are Slow Normality

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

At the Ifa, two other manufacturers have presented Akkupacks with USB Type C and Power Delivery. And not necessarily absolutely known manufacturers. Few well-known, but quite active in Germany is about the brand Xlayer. The Powerbank allows you to load the corresponding notebooks via the USB Type C socket. Xlayer allows notebooks a power consumption of up to 45 watts per power delivery (PD). The capacity of the external battery is around 72 watts.

    Xlayer batteries should be available in a few weeks. (Andreas Sebayang / Golem.de)

The data thus largely correspond to the idea of ​​an anchor at the Ifa. There is also a 72-Wh model with a 45 watt output.
The Xlayer battery also provides two USB Type A jacks for additional peripherals. A button also lets you know the charging status. However, only four LEDs indicate the battery status. Other Xlayer batteries offer a numerical percentage display. With which, however, no notebooks can be loaded.
The Powerbank is expected to be available from mid-September 2017 onwards. The battery will cost around 90 euros.
BNY offers more power delivery
Most not known is Shenzen BNY Industrial, which exhibited in the trade fair dedicated to trade visitors in the Ifa fair halls of the station (Gleisdreieck). This is because it is a real manufacturer, who sells his powerbanks to various brands or even produces on order. The special feature of its 72-watt power bank is the fact that it is next to two times USB Type A and once Type C also Micro USB. In addition, the Powerbank is much stronger than the products of Anker and Xlayer. 60 watts are possible by power delivery. Combined, peripherals can absorb electrical power even with 96 watts.

BNY is also finished with its product, which does not come into the hands of the users. Whether, at what price the Powerbank is available, can not be said simply. However, the fact that the number of PD battery manufacturers has increased indicates a very high availability and selection of appropriate solutions. The manufacturers have a long time needed, because handling this USB option is anything but easy. The first USB-PD prototypes, then still USB type A, we had looked at in January 2013.


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