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Xiaomi: Mi Mix 2 comes with borderless display in 18-to-9 format

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has presented the Mi Mix 2 its second Android smartphone with nearly borderless display. Like the predecessor Mi Mix, the screen on the left, right and the upper side is right up to the edge of the smartphone.

    The new Mi Mix 2 by Xiaomi (Photo: Xiaomi)

Only at the bottom is a somewhat wider edge, which could be reduced by 12 percent compared to the predecessor. Here, among other things, the front camera with 5 megapixels is attached.
Smaller display in 2-to-1 format
The Mi Mix 2's display is 5.99 inches smaller than its predecessor, which was 6.4 inches. It also comes in the currently popular 2: 1 format (with the manufacturers 18: 9), which makes it look more long-lasting. The resolution is 2.160 x 1.080 pixels, which corresponds to an extended full-HD resolution. The pixel density is correspondingly 403 ppi.
The case has an aluminum frame and a back of ceramic. Inside the Mi Mix 2 is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835, the memory is 6 GB. The built-in flash memory is optionally 64, 128 or 256 GB.
Camera of the Mi 6 installed
The camera on the back has taken Xiaomi from Mi 6 – but only the 12-megapixel module. A dual camera does not have the Mi Mix 2. The camera has pixels with a size of 1.25 μm and is intended to make better images in poor lighting. In addition there is an optical 4-axis image stabilization. The camera of the first Mi Mix was one of our biggest criticisms; the new camera is likely to correct this problem.

Likewise, Xiaomi wants to improve the audio performance of the Mi Mix 2. The sound when telephoning is transferred again over the frame and the display glass of the smartphone. The sound of the loudspeaker is passed through a sound channel and is supposed to sound better than Mi Mix.
Prices start in China at 420 euros
The Mi Mix 2 supports LTE on a total of 43 bands. It is still delivered with Android 7.0. In China, the smartphone with 64 GBytes of memory costs 420 euros, the 128-gbyte version converted 460 euros. For the 256-GB variant are converted 510 EUR. In addition, the Mi Mix 2 will be available in a version made entirely of ceramic glass, which is technically otherwise identical to 8 GB RAM and costs 600 euros.
At the same time, Xiaomi has announced the Mi Note 3, a smartphone similar to the Mi 6 with 5.5 inches large display. Also new is the Mi Notebook Pro, a 15.6-inch notebook with eight-generation Core i7 processor and dedicated graphics card.


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