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Xbox One: Game Developers to Choose Mouse and Keyboard

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

Microsoft apparently is preparing the developers of games for the Xbox One to deal with the planned official support of the mouse and keyboard on the console. This is what platform chef Mike Ybarra said during a panel discussion at the PAX West in Seattle in early September 2017, writes, among other things, Windows Central.

It is not so much about the solvable technical details, but the question of how to organize the meeting of players with controllers and those with mouse and keyboard in on-line games. The latter are likely to have a significant advantage over fighters at the gamepad, especially in ego-shooters, because they can usually perform much faster evasive maneuvers and give more accurate shots.
According to Ybarra, developers can decide whether players with mouse and keyboard on the one hand and those with controllers on the other can directly meet each other. If this were not possible, nobody would be disadvantaged. It would split the community into two groups, which could lead to problems in the matchmaking, for example, because the pool of fellow players would be smaller.
Microsoft has long been working on the Xbox to support the mouse and keyboard. Since 2016, the theme has been addressed at several house shows and meetings, but games or something like a final announcement are not yet available. Even now, Ybarra has not said when the Kombi is officially supported. Also to the hardware he or other managers of Microsoft have not yet expressed.

In principle, it should be possible to connect each input device via USB to the console – but whether this works in games is unclear. There are so far some unofficial solutions for use in the games, but they are not very easy to configure and pose a number of problems.
The support of the mouse and keyboard could significantly expand the target group of the console. In particular for fans of strategic games: With rodents and keyboard, there would be no more fundamental argument to play something like the Age of Empires 4 announced on the Gamescom 2017 not also on console.


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