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World war bomb is defused – evacuation canceled

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | World News

The 1.8 ton World War Bomb in Frankfurt am Main is defused. However, the action did not take place without incidents. The reluctant inhabitants of the restricted area caused delays for hours.

"It's done," the police said early Sunday evening after an unprecedented deployment. 65,000 people had to leave their homes for the defuse. There were considerable delays, because individuals did not leave the restricted area in time.

For the defuse, a barrier zone with a radius of one and a half kilometers around the location of the bomb was set up. Concerned were large areas of several neighborhoods close to the city center. The citizens were called to leave this area until Sunday morning at 08.00 hrs.

  However, delays occurred during the evacuation, because people stayed longer than allowed in the restricted area. According to police and fire brigade, there were still people in their homes. In addition, there were calls from helpful people, who were still in the restricted area after 8.00 clock.

Hours of delay
Hundreds of policemen checked on Sunday for several hours whether someone was still in the evacuation zone. The officials rang the bells at all the apartments. Also a helicopter was in use. It was only on the afternoon of Sunday afternoon that the police reported the successful evacuation: "Frankfurt, it's going to start, the defuse of the world war bomb is starting now."

 The experts in the combatant clearing service then began more than two hours later than planned with the defusing of the bomb, which lasted for several hours. The specialists removed three detonators and explosive capsules. The affected residents should be allowed to return to their homes on Sunday evening.

The extensive evacuation measures had already started on Saturday. Two hospitals and several retirement homes had to be cleared. In addition, the police department and the buildings of Hessian Rundfunk were located in the barrier zone. Amongst other things, emergency accommodations were set up in two large exhibition halls. Special buses drove on Sunday morning from different places in the barrier zone there. The municipal museums offered a free visit to affected citizens.

Thousands of policemen and firefighters in action
The world war bomb, weighing 1.8 tons and filled with 1.4 tons of explosives, was found on a construction site near the University of Frankfurt on Tuesday. Because of the strong explosive force of the bomb, a very large barrier zone was set up. Several thousand police, fire and aid organizations were involved in evacuating and safeguarding the area during the weekend.

In Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, a 500-kilogram World War One was defused on Saturday. 21,000 people had to leave their apartments temporarily. In Koblenz, too, some residents initially refused to vacate their apartments. Two old people's homes, a hospital and a prison had to be cleared. The police, the fire brigade and the aid organizations were on the scene.


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