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World Cup for the World Cup: Will Vettel take the lead back?

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 to 21:25

If Sebastian Vettel win tomorrow, the World Cup lead is safe

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(cafetheology.org) – As fast as the world championship lead in Monza to Lewis Hamilton has migrated, so fast she can be gone again tomorrow. The signs are favorable that Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel after the Grand Prix of Singapore again from the table top greets. A victory would be enough for Heppenheimer tomorrow, because his backlog is currently just three points. However, Vettel has the great opportunity to lay even ground between himself and World Cup rival Lewis Hamilton. For the Ferrari driver from the pole position in the race goes, the Mercedes-man starts only from starting place five. This means that Vettel still has the two Red Bulls from Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo as well as his team colleague Kimi Räikkönen as a buffer. If everything should run normally, then that remains the same in the race because the silver arrows are on the Marina Bay Street Circuit just the third force and have to look to lose as little as possible counter. "If there are no failures, we want the least point loss to Sebastian," the Austrian makes clear. Of course, he would like to win his own, but this should not be a problem, then Wolff would also be satisfied with a success of the two Red Bull pilots: "If Daniel or Max win, it will be damaging for us tomorrow," he says, hoping that the Bulls will implement their superior Longrun Pace from Friday against Ferrari can. He looks to the team anyway because they have two cars at the front – Ferrari only Vettel.Hamilton: With a good start to the top groupWolff is sure that Vettel, Verstappen and Ricciardo will be the fastest in terms of Pace " but I think that Lewis is able to hang out with his pace from Friday and today, and I would not give up until it's over. " However, Hamilton has to pass Kimi Raikkonen, who could shield the Vettel against the silver arrows. Because the race is likely to be overrun, the start is thus the focus. The three S, through which Mercedes tomorrow in the race his chance senses: start, strategy and safety car. It is mainly the first round, because the positions are mostly related. Is Hamilton therefore a full attack the motto, or does he take back because he has to think about the World Cup and knows that Singapore should not be much to pick up anyway? "It's all about the championship, but there is no handbrake in the driver's head," says Wolff, "you have to take your chance in turn 1 and try to optimize the position on the track," he says , Sebastian Vettel from Pole also looks like this. The Heppenheimer knows with Max Verstappen a pilot beside himself, which is well-known for a portion risky, but the Dutchman will do something unthinking, because he is no longer in the world championship, he does not see.Vettel: Erst Start, then times look … "I do not think anybody in the field has the intention to finish the race in the first corner," the German waved. "If there is a gap and it is possible, then you try it, but if you do not, then you simply arrange yourself," says the Dutchman, and also team-mate Daniel Ricciardo wants to restrain: "I can be mathematical still master, so I play it conservatively and put myself on a top 6 result, "he jokes.


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