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Woman gets a hospital visit from horse

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

A dying patient in the Bavarian hospital Fürth has received a very special visit. Her former nursing horse, Dana, visited her in the hospital. Seeing the animal once more was her heart's desire.

The team of the palliative station at the Bavarian hospital Fürth had not hesitated and made the meeting at the hospital's clinic possible. The owner brought the horse with the trailer to Fürth about 15 kilometers away and the woman was able to stroke her Dana one last time.

The hospital had reported on the action a week ago on Facebook and received countless positive responses. Almost 12,000 people like the contribution so far, several media have reported about the action. The clinic did not expect such an echo, the spokesman said.

Again and again the palliative station, dying patients try to fulfill a last wish. "There is no limit for us, a call does not cost anything, questions can always be asked and" no "can always be asked." Dana's owner said immediately after the request: "There was no question at all to do that," she said.


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