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Wolff directs Red Bull: "Engines are as cheap as never"

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08. September 2017 to 17:23

Toto Wolff does not understand the resentment of Red Bulls in the engine decade

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(cafetheology.org) – Red Bulls Motorsport Consul Helmut Marko criticizes the fact that the Formula 1 drive units are much too expensive, and demands a new change from 2021 onwards. But now Landsmann Toto Wolff reacts to the criticism. "We have agreed with the FIA ​​to reduce the prices for all motorists in the coming years to a level as low as never before in the Formula 1", the Austrian announces against 'cafetheology.org'. " We are currently trying to offer these types of engines between $ 12 million and $ 14 million (10 to 11.6 million euros), and if we can do it, then I do not understand why someone says the engines are too expensive " , he directs Red Bull. "Motors currently account for five percent of the cost of a large team, five percent, and eight to ten percent for the smaller teams, is it acceptable in a sport called Motorsport?" Marko had a total of motorsport .com: "If a team pays more than 20 million euros a year for engines, then this is a madness. Just a gasoline update costs two million." And Red Bull team boss Christian Horner doubts that the engines are really getting so much cheaper. "Wolf Wolff holds criticism of motor costs for opportunistic" This opportunism is not correct. "Toto WolffWolff shoots back without actually going to Red Bull "Some teams are very opportunistic and argue very one-sidedly that the price of motors must be pushed down further, but on the other hand they spend over 200 million pounds (converted 219 million euros) for the chassis development "The development costs of the manufacturers will be reduced by making the future engine regulations less complex. The engine development costs a lot of money, and the engine compartments of all current manufacturers make losses, which should not be the case . "Wolff: Mercedes strives for the future of the Formula 1Finally, he is still defending himself against the accusation that Mercedes is self-serving in terms of regulations. "We have already proved that we are not opportunistic and advocate regulations that help us," he says, giving an example. "We were against the current chassis regulations because we felt it was going to be too expensive, and in the end, that was exactly what happened, we knew that it needed a change to end the relationship "I know that the current engines have shortcomings, but we can make them less complex, so the fans really understand what they are doing, "We might be able to abandon systems that lead to too much difference in performance between different concepts." He also wanted a change for the sound.


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