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Wireless chip – Sonova is facing competition with advantage News

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | Economy

Lukas Braunschweiler, head of hearing aid manufacturer Sonova, wants to keep ahead of the competition for three to four years with the newly launched 2.4 GHz wireless chip, which can directly connect hearing aids to all mobile phone systems, and promises growth , Meanwhile, further major acquisitions are currently not an issue, as he explained in an interview with the "Finanz und Wirtschaft" (issue of 19 August).
Sonova, with the announcement last Thursday that the group is launching a new technology on the market that will enable and simplify the direct communication of the hearing aids with the mobile phone or television. "The special thing is that we not only connect our devices directly to Apple smartphones just like our competitors, but also Android phones or ordinary mobile phones," says Braunschweiler.
The aim of Sonova was always to provide a solution for the entire mobile market. "Our customers are an average of 68 years, many of whom have simple mobile phones that can be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth," the Sonova CEO continues. In addition, the iPhone owners today just 13% of all smartphone buyers from worldwide. And in emerging markets such as China or Brazil, Android smartphones occupy a dominant position.
More users for mobile phone technology
At Sonova, it is expected that with the new technology, it will have three, four-year lead over the competition. According to Braunschweiler, there will probably be a standardized protocol for the energy-efficient use of Bluetooth on all mobile devices at the earliest. "Today, it is perhaps 15 to 20% of users who use the hearing aid primarily for telephone calls, and this number is expected to increase rapidly as technology is growing."
In addition, the Sonova CEO is giving a further refusal to further major acquisitions. "We made a major acquisition last year with the Audionova sales company and are continuing to integrate them," he said. Major acquisitions would hardly take place in the market in the near future, not least for competition reasons. "I do not want to exclude minor arrangements."


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