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Windshadowshelfer: Alonso presents himself in Vandoornes service

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 to 20:33

Afterwards Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne have already practiced

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(cafetheology.org) – McLaren was on Friday in Monza to the big surprises at the start of the Formula 1 weekend in Italy. Stoffels Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso were on the power circuit in spite of the understated engine Best of the Rest and occupied the ranks seven and eight – to the top were missing just 1.5 seconds. "This was a very positive day for us," Alonso summarized satisfied. "We have found some performance on this track, which is a bit unexpected because we were not expecting much, but we have both cars in the top 10 and that is very positive," the Spaniard said. And also team colleague Vandoorne agrees: "This was a surprising Friday – especially on a track in Monza, where we know that the engine deficit plays a big role." However, probably already helped a training for the qualification. Vandoorne and Alonso have given each other regular shadows of the winds, in order to study the procedure for Saturday as best as possible. There, Alonso wants to give his team colleague a good starting position. He has been punished by a 35-minute penalty, and he benefited from the move in Spa himself. "Stoffel helped me in Spa, where he had a punishment, here I have it," explains the Spaniard. "I'll start from the back of the game, so I'll try to help Stoffel as much as I can and hopefully get him in the best position for Sunday." At McLaren, you know that you have to fight in the tight midfield by every tenth of a second because it can bring a lot of places. But what is going on for the team on the supposedly worst track? "I think we would be extremely pleased if we could take the performance of today," says Vandoorne, but he expects to fall further behind. "The others are likely to have a bonus through the engine mode. We just need to benefit from the mistakes of others and focus on ourselves."


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