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Windows 10 Version 1710: Fall Creators Update from October 17 together with Mixed Reality

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

The Creators Update case, known as Windows 10 version 1710, will be released on October 17, 2017 as a free update. Microsoft will release the update again, but the first Windows PC users will be able to install it. The date is not valid for smartphones or Xbox.

On a PC, the update is even a prerequisite in certain situations. If you connect one of the new mixed reality headsets via HDMI and USB to a PC, you will immediately be asked to install the Creators Update case from the 17th of October. The update also prepares Windows 10 to use the mixed reality platform. According to Microsoft, four MR headset manufacturers will deliver headsets before the end of the year. Individual headsets should be available on the 17th of October.

However, Microsoft does not have any customized applications. The not so old paint, for example, will not get an MR interface in this step, but will be served traditionally through the glasses. On request, Microsoft expressed itself around a clear statement, we interpret it so that Microsoft apparently works on an immersive paint variant, but has nothing to announce.
The Case Creators Update will also offer some new features without mixed reality. The focus is now on the fourth major Windows 10 update, not only once again on the creativity mentioned. Processing with photos and drawing in PDFs is improved. Also new are One Drive Files on Demand and an improved Windows Defender. In addition, Windows can be controlled with the eyes. The feature is part of the accessibility options for restricted users.


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