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Windows 10: HP devices slow down after update

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Gadgets

A recent collective patch for Windows 10 is currently causing problems on some HP computers. Affected users report that it takes an unusually long time before the computer can be used after it is started up. The descriptions describe how the login screen of Windows 10 appears in normal time. After the user logs in, it may take up to ten minutes before the Windows desktop becomes visible.

Error is related to Windows 10 patch
Affected people report that the problems have only occurred this week. During this time, Microsoft has released a collective patch for all Windows 10 systems, which is supposed to correct errors in the operating system. HP assumes that the patch is faulty and the error is related to it. According to the information currently available, only HP computers are affected, so the error can also be related to HP software.
In HP's support forum, the vendor is currently designing a temporary solution to allow the affected computers to resume normal operation after power-up. In the system configuration of Windows 10, the service app preparation must be switched off. As soon as this is no longer active, the start of the computer should be normal again.
Microsoft is working on a solution
The service initializes apps as soon as the user logs in for the first time. This also applies if an update has been installed. However, the service should not take so much time, so currently only known is that something goes wrong.

According to HP, Microsoft is informed and wants to correct the error. Until this will happen, is currently unknown. It is also unclear why only devices from one manufacturer are affected. The responsible support representative also recommends that you turn off the Windows startup feature. And the HP Jumpstart software should be uninstalled, which does not need anybody, anyway, the support staff comments süffisant.


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