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Windows 10: Creators update caused by some users Framedrops

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

Since the Creators Update of Windows 10, there seems to be performance problems with some users. In a Forenthread the user Richardwalus criticizes the performance of his system after updating Windows with the Creators Update. It speaks of much longer boot times, delays when opening Task Manager and Google Chrome. But also in the Moba game of League of Legends he reports since the update of frame bursts at regular intervals.

The thread was already created in April 2017. An initial response from Microsoft's support engineer Paul Aaron came two months later. He said Microsoft was aware of the problem. However, a sample of three transmitted cases is too small to analyze the error more closely. In the lines, he gives instructions for sending feedback about the Cortana search.

The system of the thread positioner seems to be powerful according to its data. He uses an Nvidia GTX 1070, 32 GB of memory and a Core i7-6700k processor. In later replies other users with similar errors are reported. Some assume a connection of the performance dips with Nvidia-Pascal graphics cards.

At the end of August the error is probably identified
On August 26, Paul Aaron spoke again. "We looked at the traces and identified an error that could be the cause of the jerks," he says. In addition, Aaron informs you that a corresponding fix for the fast ring of the Windows Insider is played.
In an answer to this, the problem with build 16251 does not seem to be fixed. There are only some improvements. Some users were able to solve the problem by turning off the Xbox gaming mode. Microsoft has not given any further information regarding the error. It may be necessary to wait until the Creators Update event in October 2017.


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