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Williams: Felipe Massa does not want to stay just for Martini

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Sports

14. September 2017 – 18:00

Felipe Massa places Wiliam's conditions for a fate

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(cafetheology.org) – Actually, Felipe Massa could relax with his family at the Copacabana on vacation, but after his flashy retirement from the rider, the Brazilian lags this weekend in Singapore to his 263th Formula 1 race. Whether it is still more than the planned 269, is currently still in the stars, because at Williams is the "oldie cockpit" beside Lance Stroll not yet occupied. A driver of at least 25 years must be in the vehicle, so it wants main sponsor Martini.This would certainly have no objection against a contract extension Massas for the Formula 1 season 2018. "I'll definitely not stay here just because there's some sponsors, so I want to be able to bring myself to the team," he said But I also have the feeling that they really want me to be part of the team, and if that is not the case, I would prefer to devote myself to other things. " At the same time, however, talks were held with Williams for 2018 and the decision would soon fall, he is able to see through. In particular, Massa wants a more competitive car for the coming season. "It's about the results and how competitive we are," he replies to the question of what it was doing to make another season. "After all, what motivates you to go on, if things do not go as you want, it would be time to think about other things." With himself and his role in the pure measure of his own performance, he was very much satisfied, he added – especially how well he understood the new cars. "Unfortunately, I was really unlucky in three races: In Russia, I was in ninth place on lap six, and I was only ninth. In Barcelona, ​​I had a great start and two cars, but then Fernando (Alonso) touched me and a tire damage But I am happy with how I drive and how I feel like I am in a race that I could have won "This season, the 36-year-old teacher for Lance Stroll, who has jumped from Formula 3 directly into Formula One – just as it was several seconds faster than the previous year. The young Canadian had to take a lot of criticism after a few weak performances at the start of the season. But he knew how to take advantage of all the available opportunities to make a difference – be it with a podium spot in Baku or a start from the front row in Monza.

Lance Stroll's progress is partly due to the account of Felipe Massa


"He had his difficulties at the beginning because he probably did not understand Formula One," says Massa about his half-team team mate. "But he has learned a lot since then, and I've been very close to him to calm him down and find his way." Now he understands Formula One and is fast-paced to take this job? "I do not want any names because all the drivers I would recommend have already moved somewhere else, so I do not have a name that could be of interest to the team," laughs Massa without hiding that he does not quite mean it , He competed, among others, with Robert Kubica, who, according to Renault's choice, followed Carlos Sainz towards Grove.


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Williams: Felipe Massa does not want to

14. September 2017 – 18:00 Felipe Massa places Wiliam's conditions for a fate