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Wii Remote: Nintendo must pay 10 million US dollars in patent dispute

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

A court in Dallas has denounced Nintendo end of August 2017 to the payment of ten million US dollars to the enterprise Ilife Technologies. In the ongoing legal dispute since 2013, it was about the Wii Remote, the standard input device of the Nintendo Wii. According to Ilife, the motion sensors of the controllers violate a patent that the company had secured. This was actually a procedure in which, for example, the fall of an elderly person or the sudden infant death of a baby can be determined or avoided by technical means.

The Dallas judges agreed with Ilife's views and agreed to the company $ 10 million. This sounds a lot, but is little compared to the original requirement of the company: first, the speech of up to 144 million US dollars, as media reported as Engadget.com. The sum was $ 4 for each of the 36 million Wii sold until the lawsuit filed.
Nintendo, on the other hand, argued that Ilife's patent was badly described and therefore invalid. According to Rolling Stone, the Japanese company has not yet decided whether to accept the judgment or to seek a revision.
Ilife, along with Nintendo, sued the smartwatch manufacturers and sports article manufacturers Under Armor – who also offers gadgets – to huge sums. These cases have apparently been out-of-court, no information is available on the amount of payments.

The Wii was launched worldwide in 2006, the original version was manufactured and sold until 2013. Overall, this version came to a sales of around 101.63 million copies. Today, Nintendo still offers the Wii Mini in Europe, which has a limited range of functions – but also comes with the Wii Remote.


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