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Why not stupid fear of a Kubica fate has

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Sports

23. August 2017 – 16:58

Whether motocross or quad: Max Verstappen is not afraid of a leisure accident

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(cafetheology.org) – Formula One contracts always contain clauses which prohibit the pilots from exercising risk types in their free time. No wonder, as the case of Robert Kubica proves, for example: six years ago the Pole suffered a life-threatening injury during a rally accident and is currently fighting for a comeback. Glamorous came in 2005 Juan Pablo Montoya, who, according to his own data during the tennis match injured the shoulder and therefore failed two races. In fact, the accident was due to McLaren's contractually forbidden quad-ride, which drove the then team boss Ron Dennis to the white glow. He later described the incident as a reason for the Formula One Montoyas. On the quad sat in the summer break also Max Verstappen. "After a few days, you think it's time for some action," he explains. The Youngster is lucky, because, unlike other teams, Red Bull is considered to be extremely liberal. In the Austrian racing team headquartered in Milton Keynes, for example, the pilots were allowed to run off the slopes, which is forbidden in most other teams. But also motocross and parachute jumping are allowed while surfing off the coast of Perth is forbidden despite the lifestyle-oriented Red Bull marketing for Daniel Ricciardo. "If you slide out while showering and stupidly falls, you can break your neck." Max VerstappenBirds are not afraid to get risky like Kubica in the event of a risky sport ? "It was just very unfortunate, because the same can happen to a shower," he says. "If you slither and fall, you can break your neck, or you can ride a bicycle through Amsterdam and be hit by a car, and then it can be over." It is therefore difficult to find the right middle road. His approach: "You just have to be a bit careful, and the rest is luck or misfortune. That's the way it is in life." Luckily that Kubica did not have. But how does Stappen consider the chances of the former Renault driver, who tested the current bolides in Hungary, for a racing comeback in the Formula 1? "Honestly, I do not have anything to do with his team, so I do not know what he can do with his hand and how he really struck, because we do not know how much fuel he had on board," he says Not able to assess Kubica's chances of credibility. It is clear, however, that "it would definitely be good for Formula 1 when he comes back".


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