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Why did Einstein and Watson have a common cause

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

For a long time, the two were regarded as fierce competitors in the development of an artificial intelligence, which above all in the marketing sector brings a decisive added value: IBM iX had here with Watson the nose, Salesforce countered shortly afterwards a no less intelligent system called Einstein.

          On the Dmexco, Paul Papas, Global Leader of IBM iX, and Jon Suarez-Davis, Salesforce's Chief Strategy Officer Marketing Cloud, have now jointly taken a microphone to report on their cooperation concluded in March 2017. "We have found that our systems are very complementary and therefore it makes sense to bundle forces."
    Image: Dmexco

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      #Since early September, the IBM Integration Cloud is available for Salesforce. The new solution provides a direct link to on-premise and cloud-based data sources within Salesforce. Users can use data from multiple sources directly in Salesforce to create powerful integrations between different data sources. According to Salesforce, this connection should be realized within a few minutes. Salesfoce manager Suarez-Davis explains the cooperation on the example of customer U.S. Bank: Here, investment advisors can now merge customer data such as investment or risk profiles and compare them with general economic data via the cloud integration directly in Salesforce and then make better decisions for the customer.
      "When the customer makes a good experience, it does not matter to him whether he owes it to a person or a robot."
      Paul Papas
    Artificial intelligence need not be understood as a threat, but rather as an artificial extension of human abilities, Papas notes. "We are training Watson to support the people in different industries, starting with medicine and going to the entertainment industry." For the marketing sector, the same rules have always been applied in marketing: "We are focusing to a positive customer experience and to offer value to the consumer. If the customer has a good experience, it does not matter to him whether he owes it to a human being or a robot, "Papas is convinced. bu





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