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Why a new tech hipster meeting needs

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

          Three weeks ago the call came. In the morning at 9 o'clock. At this time, people are caught still before they dive into meetings. Whether I've heard of the Me Convention, a charming male voice asks me. "Yes, but I will not go," I shoot back. Ten minutes now I am monologizing about the event concept, the mother conference SXSW and the automarken involved, before the telephone voice gives up. The poor. Now the plea to the reverse: Why not talk about the advantages of Acid as a leadership drug (Paul Austin, 15.9.)? Or how the economy is "unfucked" (Philipp Siefer, 17.9.)? Why not see the colors of the first cyborg (Neil Harbisson, 16.9.) Or with Nadya Peek on Interfaces (15.9.)? Free exchange of knowledge was an integral part of the digital proletariat. Inspired by the OpenSource movement, they exchanged their freshly acquired know-how with competitors on meet-ups, barcamps and hackathons. One was in the minority and that welded together. Today, the digital world is multi-talented. The discourse has changed. Fewer sci-fi fantasies, more business models. Conferences, such as the dmexco or the online marketing rockstars, provide application-oriented best-practice knowledge for the digital transformer. That makes our jobs better. But discussion of subscribtion-based verticals, artificial intelligence, and influencer activation is lacking in social debate. We forgive ourselves for the opportunity to experiment. For this reason, with all the genuine and feasible change readiness, the digital transformation advances primarily on the powerpoint slides of consultants. When everyone slides on the best-practice slide, creatives must take the responsibility to shape the digital transformation. This requires an experimental culture. From the Me Convention I hope the incitement to it. There is also the chance to dance with Iggy Azalea. I wish the SXSW offshoot a good start in Frankfurt.





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