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Who wants to rule with whom?

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | World News

Germany is heading for a difficult government formation after the Bundestag elections. Currently, only the Grand Coalition or Jamaica Alliance is possible. SPD candidate Martin Schulz does not want to continue the GroKo – FDP and Greens also do not want to rule together yet. And also in the CDU are not all looking forward to a possible cooperation with the Greens.

Although a black-green-yellow alliance has now reigned in Schleswig-Holstein at the country level, party leaders on all sides have so far seen little chance for this.

"I do not see how we are going to meet with this FDP," said Cem Özdemir, the Green Party candidate, on the "Tagesspiegel" and spoke of high hurdles for such a coalition. "For a Jamaica alliance, I am missing the fantasy," said Christian Lindner, head of the FDP, in the "Focus": Both of them stated that environmental protection, for example, was a mile apart. Özdemir showed openly for an alliance with the Union alone.

Sunday question # btw17 Bundestagswahl • Emnid / BamS: CDU / CSU 37%, SPD 24%, LIN 9%, AfD 9%, GREEN 8%, FDP 8%, Son 5% https://t.co/Mniu5kTT1u pic.twitter .com / SBhHwOavgv- Wahlrecht.de (@Wahlrecht_en) September 9, 2017
But CDU vice-president Armin Laschet is clearly against an alliance with the Greens – whether in Jamaica or black-green. He criticized the "irrational policy" of the Greens in the newspapers of the editorial network of Germany and accused them of polemicizing against the diesel industry against the internal combustion engine as a whole in the election campaign "against the industrial location of Germany. The Greens, however, insist on their demands for coal exit, for example.

 Laschet favors a black-yellow coalition based on the NRW model – but this is not possible at federal level so far. And it is unlikely that it will be possible.

Schulz calls the SPD conditions for coalition
But what will happen if the most likely scenario for a new government formation, a Jamaica coalition, is so unwelcome? SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz has declared explicitly and repeatedly against a continuation of the Grand Coalition. As a coalition, he said on Sunday: "Concrete politics for fair wages, good schools, secure pensions and a democratic Europe for peace – I tell you."

But with whom does he want to implement them, if not with the Union? Red-green does not even come close to a government majority. A traffic light coalition is also currently not possible and would possibly fail due to the tensions between the Greens and the FDP.

Nahles on Wagenknecht: "Talkshow socialism"
And for an alliance, which also includes the Linkspartei, the voices are missing. If it becomes possible, there are reservations. "The left has unfortunately still not to make the claim to be a federal policy, otherwise it would have moved to the SPD long ago," said Federal Minister of Labor Andrea Nahles (SPD). The left-wing candidate, Sahra Wagenknecht, accused them of "talkshow socialism," who always demands the maximum and never wants to put the feasible into action. "

Linksparteichef Bernd Riexinger rejected this. "Andrea Nahles apparently has not noticed that the cooking waiters' time in coalitions has long been over," he criticized. "If you want a middle-left alliance for social justice, do not like Martin Schulz immediately look at the FDP, if there seems to be a bit of a headwind."

Two weeks before the Bundestag election is still completely open, as it goes on with the Federal Republic. With the AfD, which is also likely to make the leap into the Bundestag, no one will rule.


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