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Who slept last night worst

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

(cafetheology.org) – Dear reader, one or the other of you will scratch your head while reading this column. Sebastian Vettel is supposed to have slept last night, please? Sebastian Vettel, who, after crossing the finish line in Monza, has pulled up the Tifosi atmosphere at the Autodromo Nazionale to the full, enjoying the podium visibly? I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm not sure if it's true. On the contrary, I believe that he had a really nice evening at Spaghetti alla Carbonara and a glass of red wine, was quite satisfied with himself and the performance of the Ferrari team. "I'm still full of adrenaline from the podium "You can always ask me what you want, you will always get a positive response," Vettel described his state of mind during the FIA ​​press conference. Perhaps the impact on the ground of reality came only a few Hours later.Sergio Marchionne, the very best Ferrari boss, looked a bit clearer: "We just messed it up, the set-up was wrong, and we underestimated the track." That sounds more like a realistic ranking of 31.846 seconds Residue, the Vettel partout could not be worried. Right, the big panic does not have to break out at Ferrari now. That Mercedes would win on the engine paradise in Monza is no surprise. This could look quite different in Singapore in two weeks. Especially since Ferrari, unlike the silver arrows, still has an engine update for the rest of the season in the quiver. But that Lewis Hamilton has won his threat, spa and Monza won and thus the first rider of the season 2017 two races one after the other, that is one Announcement for the remaining seven Grands Prix. By the way (mainly Italian) audience Hamilton was booed by the way. Naturally. How he had done with it was sovereign. To tell the Tifosi that he is great as they stand behind their team. And he likes to be the bad guy who messes up the party because he wants to become world champion. That sounded a little bit: Hey, I do not want to mess with you, because maybe I am in a red overalls one day again at the Ferrari-Grand-Prix, Hamilton – with my view at least – more sympathetic than Ferrari itself. And my regulars know that I am not an acute threat to find Hamilton overly sympathetic. But the Scuderia is not a favor as it appears in public in 2017. The fact that Teamchef Maurizio Arrivabene and Co. are hardly accessible to the (at least not Italian) media, so we have now come to terms. But that President Marchionne did not invite his predecessor Luca di Montezemolo to Monza on the weekend of the 70- Jubilee, this is not a very fine style. Montezemolo is an elementary part of Ferrari's success story, and he needed a newspaper interview to express how much he would have done in Monza. This must be humiliating.Ferrari is far from dead, and Vettel has only three in the World Cup Points behind. With routes such as Singapore, Sepang and Suzuka, a triple is now coming to us, where he could quite well take the Hattrick. Then everything looks quite different. But today, as of Monday, Monza, Hamilton has the momentum on his side. As we do not misunderstand: I take Vettel already, that he was happy about the third place. Honestly. I only find: He had no reason for it.YourPS: Follow me or my colleagues on Twitter at @MST_ChristianN!


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