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Which party corresponds to your demands?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | World News

On September 24, 2017, the elections will open for the 19th Bundestag election. Four weeks before, the practical "Wahl-O-Mat" -series is released. We are already presenting the functions of the Federal Center for Civic Education in a compact overview.

You are still undecided which party you should choose? The election O-Mat, available from 30 August, has already supported 50 million users in its decision. Since 2002, he has been helping to find the right party to your political attitudes.

How does the choice-O-Mat work?
The application presents 38 substantive theses that you can rate with "agree", "do not agree", "neutral" or "skip this thesis". In addition, you will be able to focus on topics that are particularly close to your heart.

Their ratings are then reconciled with the election programs of all parties admitted to the Bundestag election. In the end, you can choose up to eight parties to compare their positions with the O-Mat's requirements. Finally, the program graphically shows the percentage of your views with the selected parties.

All-clear: The tool is non-binding and should only serve as a guide.

 Where do you find the election o-mates?
As soon as an access for the election O-Maten is provided, you can find the tool here on cafetheology.org.


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