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"What the Afd does badly, we can do twice as well"

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

Serdar Somuncu says it bierernst: The cabaret artist wants for "the party" as "Kançler" in the Bundestag. For this he must obtain the direct mandate in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. In an interview with cafetheology.org, he explains why, despite 17 competitors, he sees himself as a favorite for the first vote in the constituency, what he thinks about the AfD and why "Die Partei" does not run a "fun-fights" campaign.

cafetheology.org: On the Bundestag election, three parties had their own chancellor candidate: CDU, SPD and Die Partei. But only Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz took part in the chancellor debate on television. How annoyed were they not invited?

Serdar Somuncu: I was even glad I was not there! It was so boring, I probably would have behaved really wrong.

What would have happened differently if you had been there? How do you rate the performances of their two competitors?

I would have turned on at least at the places, where both candidates have turned a sweep of 180 degrees to their previous statements, and asked why this sounds now before the cameras differently than a few weeks ago. Merkel has been negotiating with Erdogan for months about concessions for EU accession, or can be blackmailed. And all of a sudden – because Schulz says he wants to break the accession negotiations with Turkey – she jumps onto the train and says, "Yes, we want that too!" This I found everything very transparent. To talk to people after the mouth can not be the purpose and purpose of a TV duel!

 What is your position on Turkey's accession to the EU?

I have long been in favor of breaking these negotiations radically. I am not only saying this now as a chancellor candidate for the party, but I say this as a German citizen of Turkish origin. This is a very ambivalent condition for having such an opinion. But I have learned in recent years that there is nothing to discuss with Erdogan. It does not really matter to talk with anyone about what conditions it must fulfill to be part of a community of values ​​like Europe. Because Erdogan does not care about it. He takes advantage of his position and wants to strengthen the EU's accession to his position. It does not matter to him whether Turkey is part of the EU or not.

One of the most common criticisms after the debate was that too few issues were raised. Have you also missed certain topics?

One can certainly not work out all the topics at such a time, but I was astonished how little the moderators were prepared and how much they also subjected themselves, as I find, to a very biased question from Claus Strunz. Strunz has spoken in some cases really one to one Afd text: "When are they gone?", He has asked about the topic of refugees. This is a terminology that a half-neutral journalist should avoid at the end of the day in a TV duel. That surprised me the most.

I was honestly a bit sad because I remembered the last TV duel with Stefan Raab, which was a highlight of the television story. I thought to myself, why did not we manage to put someone back there who asked from a view that might not be so prepared, but still closer to the people? I missed that, so I think that this TV duel was really just a template for a number game. That's what happened: after the end of the TV duel, both sides have declared themselves the winner. In the end, however, no movement came into the matter, as I would have liked it from such a TV duel.

Let us come to your candidacy: Why does Germany need a "Kançler"?

Germany stands in 2017 in very different voltage fields. It is about the cohesion of the European Union. It is about the positioning of Germany, but also of Europe, against America, but also against China and other growing powers. It is about the question: How can we compensate for the fact that many people are on the run? What is the responsibility? How can we convey this within Germany that we have to bear this responsibility? Do we not have to mediate this if we do not want to leave the arguments to the others? Exactly this just happens. It is very annoying that the chancellor continues to strengthen the borders by her standstill, and to feel parties like the AfD morning air. This would, for example, be a very important reason for me to say that we need a new, defensive government in Germany, which faces the urgent questions of the times and does not turn away from it, from pure power.

Is not it also a virtue to seek the compromise, as is the case with the governing of Mrs. Merkel?

If one weighs and a compromise develops, it is something else than talking to the people to the mouth in order to remain in power. I found this very significant in the Böhmermann affair, where the chancellor has often moved back and forth: once it was a poem which was unacceptable, then she did not want to prescribe again from Erdogan what art and satire freedom is. And in the end, she then retreated to a paragraph, which she wanted to abolish in the same breath. This is not a compromise, it is cowardice!

What is your motivation as a chancellor candidate?

For the first time, I see myself as a legacy of an idea, and this idea, which the party represents with Martin Sonneborn, is a very good idea! Namely, to look at the policy with a wink and to return to where it actually comes from: To the complex discussion. I happen too little today to allow policy to be viewed from a different angle. We often talk about empty phrases that are empty and meaningless. Especially in election times you can read the yes on the posters very well. I find it very funny that there is a party flirting with this contentlessness and thus also persuades them a bit. I think it is also very important.

Serdar Somuncu and Martin Sonneborn (Chairman, The Party) (Source: Archivbild / C. Hardt / Futureimage / imago)

The party does not make a pure fun election campaign. What we are doing is a reflection of what we feel as the fun of the others. In this respect, this is a very important task and I have also very much liked this task. I also hope that on the 24th of September, we will have a direct mandate at least in Berlin, in the constituency where I am going. But this is also a task that will go beyond the choice: to look at, comment on, and even make a policy out of a clever and reflected position.

They act as direct candidates in constituency 83 (Berlin Kreuzberg Friedrichshain Prenzlauer Berg Ost). This is one of the hardest-fought constituencies of the entire Republic, with a total of 18 candidates for the first vote. Why did you choose this constituency?

Because it is precisely the most heavily contested constituency of Germany and we can calculate the greatest odds. It is well known that Christian Ströbele is now no longer a candidate and the Greens are now also very divided. Ströbele won the electoral district of 2013 with more than 20 per cent advantage. The linkparty is very difficult. The SPD, the CDU are running underneath, not to speak of the FDP at all.

So we said of the party: This is the constituency we are making to reach our first goal – a direct mandate in the Bundestag. It is the most likely to be won from our perspective. But we also expect a very, very good result nationwide!

You can see from the many responses on the Internet that we reach a very young dialect, which I consider important and good. Because, contrary to all allegations that we would drive people to other parties, or by bringing them to us, strengthen other parties, I believe much more that we arouse political awareness. That we are just giving young people an incentive to deal with politics and even from a satirical point of view. This is still more preferable to me than if people do not choose, and also avoid this political discourse and the responsibility.

But do you make the right election campaign in your constituency? Other candidates, such as the individual applicant Sebastian Blume, have hanged 1000 posters by themselves and made daily road bikes with the road bike. They are joking for one or two dates from Cologne. Do you think they really have a chance for victory in the constituency?

We have the best strategy you can have: rip up and insist that people will find one when they are looking. Do not bombard them with meaningless information until it is inflationary. I think you do not have to offer too much. Citizens know what the content is, what we stand for. They know what the party is, they know me, and it is up to them to decide. I still find this better than when we are now sticking thousands of posters at every corner and thus also overwhelming the people. I think people are looking for a political alternative at the moment and we do not have to force them to find it. They do it all by themselves.

Hans Christian Ströbele won the electoral district twice because he was disputed with his own party. His successor as a candidate, Canan Bayram, just copied this success recipe by breaking a juicy dispute with their federal party from the fence. At the presentation of her shadow cabinet in Berlin just two weeks ago, however, you and your party chairman presented themselves as a heart and a soul. Are not you doing something wrong?

I do not know if this is a success recipe! "Struppi" Ströbele, as we call him, still has different qualities to show than the blind provocative rage that my opponents are celebrating. Because we are actually putting more emphasis on harmony. We do not need a staged controversy or any fence broken by the fence.

Alice Weidel has now discovered for himself: to go out into the TV shows to trigger controversy, which is then talked about the next day. The people can see it and the people will also quit it.

With this poster motif, Die Partei in Berlin is calling for votes for Serdar Somuncu. (Source: Emmanuele Contini / imago)

I am firmly convinced that the Greens in Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain will have no chance in this election. Our opponents are rather to be found in the spectrum of the small parties and the small parties. But we also try to integrate these: We have many collaborations with other parties. The other parties support us in part by issuing indirect calls because they are also aware of the fact that we are the only right and best alternative to the alternative.

Last week, your party won a real coup with the hostile takeover of 31 secret AfD Facebook groups. Is this the "dirtiest campaign of all time" of all times, which you promised at the press conference in Berlin?

Absolutely. We perform a sex election campaign. This can be seen in our electoral campaigns, which are thankfully also broadcast to the children's program in the afternoon in the public broadcasting stations. Many parents talk with their children about subjects they have never talked about. This was an important concern for us, not only for political but also for other education. We have a representative for propaganda and the media, Shahak Shapira, a Jew, who is well-versed in such measures.

In a first step we have pointed out to one of the most easily overcome political opponents where the border is: on the Internet. We are now dominating the Internet, we determine the content of the Internet. Even though many believe that what they publish on the Internet is an opinion, we are still able to color that opinion with what we think is right. And we did that. The action was terrific. The press, the public has celebrated this action, but it will not remain the last action. We still have two weeks in the election campaign and in these last weeks there will still be some surprises.

Then it is a misunderstanding to believe that the AfD would be their main boss because it was the goal of this action? But, as they say, only the simplest opponent?

Yes, the AfD is a very easy to beat opponent. In the AfD there are not only demagogues, semi-Nazis and proletarians, but also very fine people to be found. But you have to look for a long time. So we hit a very thick stick on a full sack.

Should you actually move into the Bundestag, how do you want to become Chancellor?

We have made a very interesting procedure. First of all, we would like to introduce Mrs. Angela Merkel to a procession in the Berlin Olympiastadion. In a cage, she is asked to answer questions about how we should actually create a reason why and why we did not make it. The empowerment of my lordship to the chancellor is a little later. It is still debated whether there will be a Sonneborn coup. I will let Martin Sonneborn liquidate. He will be prompted to shoot himself with a Lady-Colt at the Chiemsee, after trying to dispute the power with me.

There will be a colorful hustle and bustle after the Bundestag election. After a firm and stable government has been established, the main objective of which will be to abolish accession negotiations with Turkey to the DFB immediately, and instead to open accession negotiations with Armenia for accession to the EU. What is most important to us is: to abolish the marriage for "Assis", to return all homosexual living communities to their homelands and, last but not least, the naked duty for women between 18 and 25 years. Where we make an exception for women up to 30 and basket size B, they too can join this naked duty.

In terms of content and strategy, do not you move dangerously far into Afd waters?

This is us aware, but what the AfD does bad, we can double as well.

To return to the direct mandate: If you were to become a successor to Ströbele, would your leadership be a model for you?

No, there are no role models. Also not Adolf Hitler and Erdogan. We want to win this constituency first, in order to have access to the Bundestag. Everything else does not interest us at the moment. We will continue to take advantage of the numerous advantages and conveniences that will be presented to the Bundestag delegates. That is why it is not about any small-scale, local-political subtleties, but it is quite simply and simply about the access and the rough power.

Somuncu, Sonneborn, Shapira – is that the masterplan? First, make the party the German satire unity front and then take over the entire power?

I have to say, many of the participants in our shadow cabinet do not know me. But I think it is very competent and sympathetic people we have in the shadow cabinet.

The "Kançler candidate" in the shadow of his Shadow Cabinet: Shahak Shapira, Serdar Somuncu, Martin Sonneborn, Natascha and Mark Benecke (from left to right). (Source: Gregor Fischer / dpa)

I know, for example, that the singer of the "cashier" will be our host. We have a health minister Bela B from the doctors, we have Shahak Shapira as Reichsbeauftragten for media and propaganda. But we also have Samira El Ouassil as a woman in our Cabinet, which is present, and Martin Sonneborn, for whom there might also be some office. But also you can offer. There is certainly a post that we will find for you.

I'll think about that.

Of course, it depends on your coverage, but you can decide for yourself.

In the wake of the TV duels, I would like to open a short question-round – quick questions, quick answers: What do you do on your first day as a Kançler?


Will relations with Turkey be better or worse among you?

They will be good and bad. Depending on how Turkey behaves towards me.

Do you value Angela Merkel?

Your figure.

Do you make political satire or satirical politics?

I like to make politics.

Would you make Jan Böhmermann your Foreign Minister?

I would suggest Jan Böhmermann as Foreign Minister in Turkey.

Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin: Who is better?

I find both not particularly interesting. So measured by my qualities, the more beginners.

The Turkish founder Kemal Atatürk or the current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Who is more suited to the role model?

Also an interesting question! Finally, to give a more serious answer: I believe Atatürk is not the answer to the questions currently being raised in Turkey. I personally hope that Turkey will remain democratic. But I am afraid that under the aegis of Erdogan it will not be democratic.

The interview was conducted by Daniel Fersch.

Serdar Somuncu (Source: Michael Palm)

Serdar Somuncu (49) was known as a satirist by his readings of extracts from Hitler's Mein Kampf. The "artistic confrontation with one of the most important taboos of German history" brought him prices, but also threats. For a time, Somuncu therefore came under police protection. Most recently he was a guest in the "heute-show" on ZDF and in his own talkshow "So! Muncu!" at n-tv to see.


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