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What Sainz 'Renault change for the car market means

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Sports

12. September 2017 – 16:12

Carlos Sainz's substitution replaces a Dominokette in the entire Formula One


(cafetheology.org) – After the change of the McLaren / Toro Rosso engines and the change from Carlos Sainz to Renault in the coming days, further developments on the market will probably be clear. There are still many unknowns in the cockpit occupancies for 2018, but the teams and drivers are already largely focused on 2019 – if the car market is really open. Sainz's own situation reflects this. While he was released as part of the negotiations from his contract until 2018 to get Toro Rosso out of the engine contract, the Spaniard remains part of the Red Bull family. He was loaned to Renault for 2018 and the team from Enstone and Red Bull Racing are now open to all possibilities. The appeal of Sainz for Renault is clear: the team will get one of the most promising young riders of the day in 2018. He and Nico Hülkenberg will form a strong combination and score points when the team tries to compete in its third full season Renault in the pile to come forward. Whether it's going to happen before the end of the season, and if the team's short-term prospects are at the expense of Jolyon Palmer, it remains to be seen. By 2019, Renault would potentially be closer to the top and thus even more attractive to the top drivers the team still has a free place. Sainz can just as well go beyond the next year, but the other possibility is that Red Bull will get him back. The contracts of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen expire at the end of 2018 and both are obviously very interesting for other teams. Theoretically there could be a place at Ferrari when the Scuderia finally decides to end their relationship with Kimi Raikkonen but every driver, which takes the place of the Finn, would have to fit perfectly with Sebastian Vettel. As it appears, Mercedes has not yet signed any drivers for 2019, but both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas could extend their contracts for this season – or even beyond. It is no secret that Stops lose patience with Red Bull , And while Riccardo is perhaps happier, he also wants a car with which he can win regularly and with his own strength, and will explore all the options. Both want to know which plans the team has regarding the future engines. There is the possibility that it is Toro Rosso imitates and 2019 to change to Honda – provided there is progress by then. If either Stappen or Ricciardo leaves Red Bull Racing, Sainz will take over the place 2019 clearly.

Pierre Gasly lurks on his Formula One opportunity


The likely replacement for Sainz at Toro Rosso next season (and perhaps already in this) is Pierre Gasly. Though he was a little disgraceful for a while, the Frenchman won the GP2 Championship last year and is doing an excellent job in the Super Formula in 2017. He even won last weekend. Perfect timing.Toro Rosso has always been a team where young drivers can gain experience and Gasly will not have to worry about the potential of the Honda engine. Daniil Kwjat, who remains at Toro Rosso in 2018, could be more worried about it.Alonsos futureOnce the Renault deal is under construction, Alonso can now extend its contract with McLaren. Supposedly he has not done so yet – and one might assume that money plays an important role, since Honda will not be there to pay a salary in the amount he had in the past three years. McLaren is obviously tempting for Alonso but only if he can be sure that the 2018 car will be as strong as the Red Bull Racing and he will be able to fight for podiums for a season and want to keep its options open for 2019 and beyond. So in the unlikely event that Alonso decides not to stay in 2018, who would go to McLaren? Zak Brown explained in Italy that the team from Woking had a plan B. Theoretically, it is too early for Lando Norris, but this team has already been playing with rookies in the past. A strong candidate, who is still available, is Sergio Perez.

Fernando Alonso will keep McLaren's pole


After closing the door to Renault, the Mexican will probably extend his contract with Force India – a process complicated by his sponsors – and the deal has not yet been made. His last time at McLaren was not a success, but the team and the management have changed since then, and Perez has also changed. He now has a lot of experience and a much more impressive resume than 2013. It is not to be expected that he will sign with Force India before the chance at McLaren officially no longer exists. And even if he does, he is another driver who is probably only committed to 2018. Another free place is possibly at Williams. The team from Grove is happy with Felipe Massa, but for 2018, he has great ambitions and is looking for the best possible partner for Lance Stroll – and one that has to be over 25 because of the Martini sponsorship. The available options are limited. Alonso was in talk, but will he really consider Williams as a better option than McLaren, even if he thinks only in the short term? Paul di Resta got involved in Hungary himself and Robert Kubica's name showed up. He would be a great choice, but the problem facing the pole is that the team with which he ran all the tests has decided against him, and because of the limited testing possibilities it is not easy for him to prove that he can still do the job. Only Haas left, where Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are confirmed, and Sauber, where it looks like Marcus Ericsson with Charles Leclerc got a new team colleague, the latter still no contract Has. Ferrari would like the Formula 2 star to be there, but also Antonio Giovinazzi in the queue – and there are not enough seats for all.


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