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What is the lack of Kubica? Abiteboul is covered

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 14:18

Robert Kubica could not answer all the questions in Hungary yet

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(cafetheology.org) – The "silly season" of Formula 1 for the 2018 season has not produced any major surprises. With the decision that Sebastian Vettel remains with Ferrari, the next expected Dominostein has fallen, the lengthening of Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes is also only form matter. But in the midfield, the carriages show up with a very special joker: Come to the sensational comeback of Robert Kubica after seven years of Formula One abstinence? The Pole has completed a test ride on the Hungaroring for Renault at the end of July and two race teams in one day zurckgelegt. Any doubts about his physical abilities should be ruled out. Nevertheless, Cyril Abiteboul has recently announced that Kubica's involvement is still questionable. What exactly is missing answers, he left open so far. He does not want to look into the cards, even at the press conference on Friday. He merely emphasizes once again: "We still have not all the answers that we hoped for from the test." Why? "We have some information that the public does not have access to. It is about private information, which I would not want to disclose without his consent." Somewhere is still stuck, but where? Abiteboul goes further: "Without going into too much detail: it takes a lot of things to learn to drive a car at this level, which is quite different from the car it was six or seven years ago , Or as the 2012's Bolide from the Le Castellet test, which was significantly lighter and had less downforce. "Further arguments:" We also tested in isolation, with a vehicle and under controlled conditions, without any chaos for the weather Or the first corner of a race. " But the latter can not even be reproduced with another test. "I do not want to generate speculation, and I do not want to convince the team that it's a commitment, just because the public would like to see Robert in the cockpit." We want to see him all again, But it has to make sense. " But test journeys in a current boliden are again possible after the big price of Abu Dhabi 2017 – or a 90-minute Friday usage.


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