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Well integrated but not accepted

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | World News

Looking at other European countries, Muslims who have lived in Germany for a long time are comparatively well integrated. This is the result of a study commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation. Concerns continue to cause the formation and acceptance of non-Muslims.

The surveyors have compared the situation of Muslims who came to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and the UK before 2010. Language skills, education, work and social contacts were assessed. Their conclusion: The integration is already very good, especially on the labor market. It is worse with the formation.

According to the study, the unemployment rate and full-time jobs are hardly different from the population. 73 per cent of the children of Muslim immigrants born in Germany grow with German as their first language. Also, the level of school degrees is getting better and better.

One in three throws up the school
In Germany, 36 per cent of Muslims left the school before the age of 17 without graduation. In France it is only 11 percent. The researchers suspect different school systems as the reason. For example, children in France learn together for a long time, and immigrants often have good knowledge of French through colonial history.

However, the higher graduation rate does not protect Muslims in France from above-average unemployment and fewer full-time jobs. "The international comparison shows that it is not religious affiliation that determines the success opportunities of integration, but the state and the economic framework," says Stephan Vopel, an expert on social cohesion at the Bertelsmann Foundation.

 Reservations despite good integration
The approximately 4.7 million Muslims in Germany – which corresponds to a population share of 5.7 percent – are well integrated into the labor market. About 60 percent of them work like the federal average full-time, and the unemployment rate is also more and more balanced.

In Germany there are more highly religious Muslims – in contrast to Great Britain, where the same group is represented in the same professions as the less pious religious brothers.

As neighbors did not like to see
The study entitled "Muslims in Europe – integrated but not accepted?" But it also shows the reservations about Muslims. When asked, "whom do you refuse as neighbors?" In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and France, much more respondents to Muslims than against families with many children, foreigners / guest workers, homosexuals, Jews, people with different skin color, atheists and Christians. Only the rejection of the British against children's families reaches with 28 percent comparable bad values.


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