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"Weird Intolerance" – Alice Weidel comments on ZDF-Slomka

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

AfD top candidate Alice Weidel has accused ZDF presenter Marietta Slomka of partisanship. Now the channel rejected the criticism. Other talents are joined.

Weidel had the program "How are you, Germany?" on Tuesday evening in protest. ZDF chief editor Peter Frey stated on Wednesday that Slomka had moderately moderated the round with seven politicians and six citizens. "I hope that future political elections will not focus on stagings, but political debate."

Weidel left the studio without a word
Immediately before the departure of Weidel, CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer had asked her to distance himself from co-top candidate Alexander Gauland and the Thuringian AfD country chairman and lawyer Björn Höcke. Gauland had described Höcke as the soul of the AfD, Scheuer said. "For me, he's just a radical." Weidel went on without a word.

  In her response to Twitter, Weidel wrote about Slomka's presentation during the show: "It has made itself together with the insolent intolerance and the crude argumentation of the SPD and Greens, which is not worthy of a public broadcaster."

ZDF: AfD prevents political debate
ZDF chief editor Frey does not see any reason for such reproaches: "Those who distribute must also be able to plug in." This is part of the discussion culture in Talksendungen, leaving a live show, but it attracts attention, but prevents a political debate in the matter at the presenter I emphasize emphatically. "

 Rules for the question, if and when guests can leave a talk transmission, there is according to the ZDF not. Even before the election on Tuesday evening was not talked about, a ZDF spokesman said on request.

Maas calls Weidel's departure embarrassing
"We should be careful not to fall for this planned, embarrassing production", wrote Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on his Facebook page. "It's a cheap trick from the right-wing populist to be a victim, but it's the intellectual arsonists, the Democrats are debating, but the AfD is not interested."

Also on Facebook, the Hamburg-based FDP regional chairman Katja Suding said: "If Mrs Weidel can not stand any criticism, she is not suitable for the Bundestag. If the AfD wants to hide the right-wing radical accusation, it makes itself face of Höcke, Poggenburg or Gauland is unbelievable, and if the right-wing thinks that they can get voices from talkshows, they'll be on the wooden path. "


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