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"We need nothing at all": Vettel relativizes Marchionne criticism

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Sports

14. September 2017 – 7:54 pm

Sebastian Vettel brings the criticism of Sergio Marchionne in the right light

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(cafetheology.org) – The home game in Monza turned into a middle disaster for Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were unimpressive of the two Mercedes drivers who secured an undisputed double victory. "We simply messed it up," said Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne after the race unmistakably clear. Crises in the Scuderia? "We do not have to," he answers quite calmly to the question, whether one would necessarily have to fight back against Mercedes during the night race this weekend. "If the chance is there, we have to take it," Vettel knows – but not more. He does not feel any particular pressure in the words of Marchionne. "Of course you take the one sentence out …", he waved. In general, the Ferrari president did not exclusively negatively expressed. "I do not take it so seriously, he did not come to our meeting afterwards and said we're all losers, and as long as that does not happen, I'm relatively relaxed," Vettel said with a laugh "We had a lot of good races then bad." Monza was "not our best race". "We already know this very well," he said in his media debut before the Singapore Grand Prix, joking with the journalists present with regard to the Marchionne statement in Italy: "If anyone of you Kasper a microphone in the face , you're just saying what you think at the moment. "He said," He's got reason for confidence this weekend, "he says. He did not want to look at the World Cup, but to concentrate fully on the upcoming race. This is perhaps even better, because in Monza, the German lost the World Championship lead last to Lewis Hamilton. However, he does not see himself in the debt to bring these back as quickly as possible. It is important, however, that one should be at the front of the World Cup in Abu Dhabi in November. If he really succeeds in this year, the President would definitely be resolved again …


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