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"We have to be grateful that there is Erdogan"

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | World News

"Erdogan and the Germans – escalation in the election campaign?" Was the topic of the debate round Maybrit Illner. A politician was struck with crude theories.

The guests:
Norbert Röttgen, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the BundestagSeyran Ates, lawyer, author, women's rights activist, Erdogan critic Sabahattin Cakiral, Secretary General of the BIG PartyAhmet Toprak, German Professor of Educational SciencesHasnain Kazim, Turkey correspondent of the news magazine "Der Spiegel" Zugschaltet: Sigmar Gabriel, Theme:
Every few weeks, the relations between Germany and Turkey are at a new low point. Even after Maybrit Illner's return from the summer break it was so, because in the meantime came another case of denounced German author: Dogan Akhanli, who was fixed on his holiday in Spain.

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel reacted sharply, Erdogan shot back and even interfered in the German election campaign: "I urge all my countrymen in Germany not to commit the mistake and support the Christian Democrats, the SPD, the Greens (…) These are all doorwashes. " Central questions of the evening: Should one react with even more hardness or rather de-escalate? Has Erdogan made too long a common cause?

The front curve:
The fact that the Spanish security authorities interfered with Akhanli's interpol police investigation at all, said that Röttgen considered "carelessness". He expects a fundamental check under Interpol, which could lead to a kind of "misunderstanding" against the Turkish legal system. This would prevent future cases of politically motivated persecution.

 Cakir from the AKP-close BIG party, Foreign Minister Gabriel, said that he had "made a big deal" shortly before the elections. And he put moral flexibility at the disposal of German politics: they had been looked away from the CIA's transfer to Guantanamo by Murat Kurnaz, this time not.

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was from Goslar. (Source: ZDF)

A slate comparison, which Gabriel later called "obskur" by live switch. It was not necessary to discuss the end of the treaties, as Röttgen demanded them. For, according to the Foreign Minister: "In truth, there are no real negotiations for accession." Erdogan took advantage of the disappointment in the population. Sanctions for Erdogan and better monitoring of certain mosque communities, scholarships for scholars, journalists and artists – that was the mixture of hard and soft demands of the minister.

Whether Germany could not be blackmailed with the refugee deal? There came from Röttgen a clear no, which he however no further reason. "Turkey will remain in NATO and we will leave the deal." This would be in the interest of "our security". Foreign policy could be a better influence on the country if it was a coalition partner. And there are times "interests", among other things in North Africa, which with the help of the Turkey could be carried through better.

Counterparties of the evening:
The head of an ACP-affiliated party and a Muslima with Kurdish roots, founded by a liberal mosque community and representing persecuted people in Turkey – the political trenches between Cakiral and Ates could not be any bigger. Correspondingly, the two German Turks had a great deal of influence: Caki described such representations as exaggerated and called the coup attempt as the starting point of extensive investigations. The fact that the lives of Erdogan critics is not quite safe at the moment proves impressively. She needs personal protection and had a bodyguard.

Saying of the evening:
"We must be grateful that there is a figure like Erdogan." This sentence comes from BIG-Parteichef Cakiral and provided for a half-malicious, half-disbelieving "Ooooooooh" in the audience.

Sabahattin Cakiral drew his theses to Turkey. (Source: ZDF)

For what exactly we should be grateful to the man, the politician could not explain. He pleaded only for dialogue: if you always punish punishments, "leads to nothing". Ates criticized massive persecution of political opponents in Turkey: even someone had been imprisoned because he had engaged a craftsman who had been Gülen supporters.

What's left:
Whether Gabriel or Röttgen have shown once again in the show: For a true turkey change of course neither CDU nor SPD can penetrate. It is not even enough for the Turkish President to conduct Nazi comparisons, to set the Germans abroad, and to interfere in the election campaign. Turkey seems to be important as a bulwark against the refugee flows and as a strategically important country for the realization of economic and economic interests in the region. This is the motto: to make the largest possible round in the election campaign. As far as Erdogan leaves them. Election expert Toprak gave a little calming pill: AKP-related parties would not have a chance to enter the Bundestag in the long run. "Luckily".


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