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"Was in the wrong mode": Error saves Hamilton the victory

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 21:06

Not the original plan: Hamilton wanted to escape at Restart

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(cafetheology.org) – It was a duel at absolute world championship level. And ultimately decided between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in Spa-Francorchamps details about victory or defeat. Perhaps even in the end, even a mistake of the Mercedes pilot was the tangle on the scale. During the restart after the safety car phase, Hamilton, a late winner, had a mistake that would turn out to be a gold catch. "I had a really good start on the opposite track and I could beat Sebastian, but then I was wrong engine mode," says Hamilton. "So he took me right back into the last corner." The silver arrow driver was thus clear that he would have the Ferrari by Eau Rouge and to the end of the Kemmel straight at the neck. "That felt like a mistake, but it turned out to be a really good thing," Hamilton is now convinced. "If I had come out of the last corner with this lead, he would be three or four cars behind me, and I could have used the windshield, so he would have slipped through, so it worked perfectly." To finish Vettel in the restart duel Tooth, he even ran him on the way from the La Source hairpin to the Eau-Rouge Valley by taking the Fu from the gas. "I was only 90 percent on the accelerator to get as close as possible," says Hamilton. According to his own data, he already knew that Vettel would only start after Eau Rouge to the overtaking attempt. "Otherwise I would have overtaken him on the straight through the wind shadow." Why Vettel did not like Hamilton from the gas

Vettel was not far from Hamilton before the first turn


Hamilton also believes that also Vettel went through the action by the gas. "It was a good thing for me because taking away from the gas loses performance." But Vettel Was afraid to be overtaken by his pursuers. "Lewis took out a bit of gas at the front, so I'm an extranahe," the Ferrari driver describes the situation from the pursuer's perspective. "And I was too close in the end, too early to get out of the wind to maintain the power and the momentum, and then get straight on the straight line." If he had the chance, then maybe it would be different , Says Vettel. Then to improve. "On the other hand, if I take out gas now and it's too much gas, then I will not go any more, then everyone asks: What are you doing, go from the gas and drive him? And I had to keep an eye back Because the guys were full on the gas, and if they get out of the race and are much faster than me, then it's not good either. "Why Mercedes put on Soft in the end? But Hamilton had the better end. "It was a cool fight, and it was great to turn into turn 5 and know that you've done enough," the Belgian winner is very pleased. However, as Vettel was on Ultrasoft tires while he was riding the soft mix, "I had to put ten qualifying rounds out of my hat to stay in front of him." In the final phase not even the Mercedes bosses were convinced That Hamilton had been equipped with the right tire. "I was worried," admits Mercedes-Motorsportchef Toto Wolff. But the chief strategist, James Vowles, was certain of his cause. "And he is the one who knows what is going on for the whole Kommandostand." There, it was expected that Vettel would only have an advantage at the beginning. The Ultrasoft tire will be a problem for us in the first two or three rounds, but if the Lewis can hold up front, It's the better tire. '"Wolff says,' RTL '. "And that has proved true." In addition, Mercedes did not have a fresh set Ultrasoft tire more available since Hamilton had already used this in qualifying.


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