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"Was absolutely shocked": follower recaps Silverstone-Crash

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

07. September 2017 – 7:25 pm

The high-speed crash stuck Jonas Folger in the bone for a few days

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(cafetheology.org) – Two weeks ago Jonas Folger survived one of his heaviest falls uninjured. In the warm-up to the Grand Prix of Great Britain the German had no braking effect at the end of the hangar straights and had to jump off. His tech-3-Yamaha flew through the air. Folger remained uninjured, but could not participate in the race. "I feel good," says the German on Thursday in Misano. "I was able to rest at home and had physiotherapy for the neck. I was very lucky that I did not hurt myself and I am here." In the TV picture, only the end of the fall had been seen. How hard the crash, which happened in the warm-up round, was, clarifies again: "If the brake does not go at 300 and you jump off at 250 – I could not sleep two days, was absolutely shocked." That was why it was clear to him that the start – up ceremony at Silverstone was also the right decision: "After such a crash, I would not have had the confidence to go back to the moped again, and when the shock subsided, I had more complaints because I had a whiplash. "In Austria, there was a defect on the brake at Folger, now in Silverstone again. The Tech-3 team teamed up with Brembo's technicians and analyzed what had happened: "In Silverstone," the German reported, "everything has come together." Normally you drive out and have three, four braking points where you get the brake "This time I had a completely new brake, new disc and pads, and the first brake point was over 300. That's what we've never had anywhere like that." When Folger arrived at the end of the hangar straights and pulled the lever, Brake still freezing: "This is the first shift away from the brake disc, and by my short brake lever path I am at once." Then Folger had to jump off. For Misano, the position of the brake lever has been changed, he now has more way to the steering wheel. The closest brake lever was so far a special feature of Folgers: "I always had that." "I thought that was my most violent departure, but I quickly recovered from the bruises and the stiff neck and feel ready again for the next "Misano is a racetrack that I like very much and perhaps we will be working with the new aerodynamic parts again, because I think that these winglets can give us an advantage here. Anyway, I am very confident this weekend that we will have better times than the last three races and I hope to be able to take as many points as possible. "


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