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Vulnerability sector three: Marc Marquez explained Quali-Crash

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Sports

09. September 2017 – 7:53 pm

Marquez has analyzed his quality crash and the weak spot

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(cafetheology.org) – Half a minute before the end of the second qualifying session, Marc Marquez drove his Honda in the Italian gravel. The Spaniard risked a little too much on his very last attempt to get the fifth pole position in series. His previous lap time still gave him third place in the starting lineup of Misano. A 1: 32.636 minutes was slower by almost two tenths of a second than the best time of Maverick Vinales. "Apart from the crash, I am very happy today," the Spaniard summarizes his Saturday. The reason for his slip-up was quickly found: "On the second tire set (medium, editor's note) I felt a bit better, unfortunately, but I came to the red mark, then I became a little far, I had everything under control, but when I touched the white mark, I lost the front. " In turn 13 was the terminus for Marquez. He did not come back to the pits in time before the end of the Q2. In the first sector, he made a personal best time on the crash stage, in the second he remained just behind. The third sector then became a hindrance. A look at the data was wrong: There he could only drive the eight-quickest time in qualifying, while he was among the fastest in the second and fourth sections of the circuit. "We will not be able to make a huge difference in this sector, which is a fast turn, usually our weak spot," the world champion explains. In the other three sectors the problems are much lower, but between the curves 9 to 13 Marquez gets on the Honda problems. "As soon as I want to push faster in fast corners, the bike is only more unstable, which is very tricky, and I have to try to push and try to push elsewhere", he explains his strategy for the race. In addition, the vibrations are lower when he drives behind another bike. This should help him in the race. Another advantage for Marquez could be the changing weather on Sunday. "In the third session, I felt very good, and I had a lot of problems with the higher temperatures in the fourth session, and it was going to be cooler again tomorrow," the 24-year-old says. While the temperature of the morning was 27 degrees Celsius, the sun heated the asphalt in the afternoon to as high as 39 degrees.

Sector three as a weak spot: In turn 13 was for Marc Marquez final stop


"For me, it was very important that I was quick with less grip yesterday, and this morning I was good in cool conditions as well in the afternoon, so I'm always there with him, that gives me a strong self confidence," he notes of the crash in Q2. In the third session, he was even able to score the lead, in the fourth he was second. In the afternoon, he completed two race simulations over eight and seven rounds in the fourth session. He used the combination of the hard front tire and the medium rear tire. "The rhythm on the used tire was good, I feel good on the bike, it seems that we have a similar pace like Maverick and Andrea, so I expect a very tight race." His plan for Sunday looks ahead, difficult To be "clever and careful". "A mistake could be a major problem for the World Cup," Marquez says. "But it gets cooler, which should help me." The title defending champion has a firm focus on the World Cup. "Andrea is the favorite at the moment because he is in the lead, he is nine points ahead, but we will try to make up this small margin." If Marquez succeeds in San Marino the fourth season and Dovizioso is third, he would have mastered this project for the time being.


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