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Voyager 8200 UC: Plantronics Introduces Business Headset with Noise Canceling

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 | Gadgets

With the Voyager 8200 UC, Plantronics has introduced a new headset with noise canceling function. The device filters background noise with the help of microphones, as well as reinforcing the voice of the wearer during conversations.

    The Voyager 8200 UC headset from Plantronics (Image: Plantronics)

With the Voyager 8200 UC, Plantronics is also targeting users in the professional field, such as in Großraumbüros. The headset comes without a microphone, the microphones are attached to the front of the auricles.
Six microphones for optimum voice reproduction
The Voyager 8200 UC has a total of six microphones: four microphones recognize the carrier's voice and amplify it, while two others minimize ambient noise. If the headset is used to listen to music or other audio signals, it works like a conventional noise canceling headset by filtering out the noise of the environment.
The Voyager 8200 UC does not differ from the design and controls of the Backbeat Pro 2. On the left, the headset has a volume wheel, a play button, and two buttons to skip tracks. On the right is a button for accepting phone calls.
Bluetooth connection
The Voyager 8200 UC is connected via Bluetooth, alternatively a cable is included. On PCs without a built-in Bluetooth module, the headset can be connected via a dongle. The headset is certified for Skype for Business and is intended to last with a battery charge for up to 24 hours. The device is charged in three hours.

With the Plantronics Manager Pro Admin software, the Voyager 8200 UC can be remotely managed. The program provides usage and acoustics analyzes that can be used to identify users with poor speech quality.
The Voyager 8200 UC is to cost 350 euros plus VAT, which leads in Germany at a price of about 415 euros.


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