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"Voll im Soll": sixth place in spa for combative Hülkenberg

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

August 28, 2017 – 06:49
Nico Hulkenberg is the top 3-team at the Belgian Grand Prix and is relegated to sixth place after a combative performance

Three in the direction of turn 5: Hülkenberg in the triathlon with Ocon and Alonso

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(cafetheology.org) – Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg took sixth place in the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps. As a result, the German was once again the best driver of the midfield and took the maximum out of the race on the power circuit of Spa, which does not meet his Renault. "I would say full to the goal, everything that was possible," is his conclusion. "When the top 3 teams come to the finish, it is usually a seventh (place), and if one fails, like today, we have Max (Stupid) Luck and get a few more points, "said Hülkenberg after the race. This had started for the Germans anything but optimal. "I had a bad start, really bad, I think something was wrong with the clutch," says Hülkenberg. However, he did not let himself get out of the concept, but immediately fought back to eighth place. "I got well through Curve 1, got a good wind shadow from Sergio (Perez, editor), and I condemned the Eau Rouge," said Hülkenberg contentedly. On lap two, the Kemmel straights came To a magnificent three-pack. Hülkenberg sucked in to Fernando Alonso and went to the overtaking maneuver. But from behind came with the power of the Mercedes engine in his Force India also Esteban Ocon. At the same time the three pilots drove in the direction of curve 5, where they then agreed on the road ahead. "It was very, very tight, but it was fun," says Hülkenberg. "Wheel-to-wheel racing is what we all want to see." After that, only the safety car phase was in danger after the collision of the two Force-India riders, Hülkenberg's sixth place, but the Emmericher was able to successfully defend himself after the restart. "We are brutally slow on the straights This weekend for downforce, but this is how I ended up under pressure again, "says Hülkenberg. "It looked quite lonely in the middle, but at the beginning and end I had to work hard for my money, a good job from myself and the entire team," he summarizes his weekend. With the backwind of the success experience from Spa It is for Hülkenberg this week for the Italian Grand Prix to Spa, where, however, again, the question is what Renault is lacking: engine power. "Monza is more difficult to expect from us, because you simply have to flatten the wing, needs top speed," says Hülkenberg. "That was not our strength this weekend, so I'm just muted optimistic."


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