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Volkswagen remains skeptical: Formula 1 on thin ice

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Sports

22. August 2017 – 17:22

Volkswagen remains skeptical about a Formula One entry

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(cafetheology.org) – The Volkswagen Group and the Formula 1: For many, this is a dreaming experience, but for a number of years it does not want to be related. The brands of the VW Group have been on the road in the past few years in all the racing series, just not in the royal class. In the past, Bernie Ecclestones, a leader with whom the Volkswagen Group did not want to be seen, failed to get involved. This hurdle has been eliminated since the beginning of 2017. Porsche also sat at the table during the motor talks for the time from 2021 onwards. Whether the numerous parties, however, which ones can be convinced at the start, is still in the stars. At the moment, talks are taking place between Liberty and all 13 potential newcomers to the Formula 1 season 2021. However, the exhaust gas scandal on Volkswagen and the willingness to surrender with three-figure millionbudgets per season, has dropped significantly even at Porsche.Bernhard Gobmeier, his "Motorsportchef at Volkswagen, is still skeptical about a Formula 1 commitment at 'Autosport':" Formula 1 goes on very thin ice, it's expensive, most of the teams except the big four have financial problems Will not be able to pay the required starting fees, and the Formula 1 will be a dangerous one. "

Also the LMP1 costs are beyond reason for Gobmeier


Gobmeier expects that alone the core team of Mercedes currently employs a total of 1,500 employees – with very high wages in the UK. "And not even the suppliers have been included," he continues. "There should be around 2,000 people in total – for two cars." Although Liberty is trying to re-enter the already failed idea of ​​a budget ceiling, so far there is no progress on this front. The result: "Formula 1 is completely outside of any reason, and the same goes for the long-distance world championship. " In the WEC, the VW daughters have just pulled the plug in double pack. But the cost-benefit calculation is no longer the case in Formula 1: "The number of sponsors is decreasing, the large tobacco groups are no longer available, the small sponsors are also becoming less and less expensive But not something. "Thus, the Volkswagen Group and Formula 1 remain difficult. However, Liberty still has about a year and a half time to persuade Porsche to enter from 2021 onwards. And the subject customer engine remains a more cost-effective option.


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