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Volkswagen: "MotoGP and WSBK around worlds better than F1"

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Sports

23. August 2017 – 09:21

MotoGP inspires fans with exciting races and real sport

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(cafetheology.org) – Volkswagen has debated a possible Formula One entry for years. Porsche's participation in the meetings on the future engine regulations and the end of the Le Mans program had brought more wort to the gerchtkche. According to Motorsportdirektor Bernhard Gobmeier, Formula 1 is not particularly attractive in direct comparison to the two motorbike series. Gobmeier is well aware of the progress in the MotoGP and the Superbike World Championship, as the German took over the lead of the Ducati racing division But they leave again after only one year. "The MotoGP and its supporting program and the Superbike World Championship are worlds better than Formula One," Gobmeier said in a talk with "Autosport." "Ducati belongs to our group, so we see how big The differences are in sponsoring, and even brands such as Porsche, Bentley and Audi are not receiving huge sponsorship agreements, "explains the German, who is amazed by the effect of the Ducati brand.

Bernhard Gobmeier was replaced by Ducati by Luigi Dall'Igna at the end of 2013

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"Ducati is something special and comparable to the Ferrari," said Gobmeier, who emphasized Ducati's work on the circuit, how to deal with the media, the hospitality and on-site activities. "The automotive manufacturers are not so well positioned in this area," criticizes the Volkswagen Motorsportdirektor.Gobmeier after the acquisition of Volkswagen succeeded Filippo Preziosi. Preziosi, after the failed cooperation with Valentino Rossi, had a lot of criticism and gave the company "for health reasons." Gobmeier, who had previously caried for the Superbike project from BMW, made room for Luigi in the Ducati race department after just one year Dall'Igna, who could be sued by Aprilia. Since Dall'Ignas's commitment, Ducati has achieved numerous successes in the MotoGP as well as in the Superbike World Championship.


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