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Vodafone launches "Gigabit-Offensive" in Germany

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

Germany occupies only top places in top 100 lists of countries with super-fast Internet connections. Vodafone would now like to make a big investment to ensure that every third household in Germany can access gigabit lines from the provider.

          Vodafone wants to create 13.7 million new gigabit connections in the next four years in Germany. This corresponds to about a third of all households in Germany, announced the German boss of Vodafone, Hannes Ametsreiter, on Monday in Düsseldorf. The Gigabit offensive from Vodafone consists of three initiatives aimed at private consumers, rural communities and commercial areas. With the "GigaKabel" project, Vodafone wants to offer a speed of one gigabit of 12.6 million households by 2021 in a technology mix of fiber and coaxial cable. The initiative "GigaGewerbe" is intended to supply some 100,000 companies with fiber-optic connections. Vodafone is also launching the "GigaGemeinde" initiative. The Group is using a cooperation model with local authorities: "In rural areas, many people complain that they have only insufficient infrastructure, and thus have too little bandwidth," said Ametsreiter. Vodafone wants to expand and invest here too.Vodafone with the three initiatives the largest private gigabit investment program, which has ever existed in Germany, said Ametsreiter. This would also be an incentive for competitors to invest in the expansion of the networks. "In the next four years, Vodafone will invest an additional two billion in Germany alone for the gigantic fiber-optic connections in commercial areas and municipalities," the announcement said. dpa





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