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Virtualization: VMware relies on Openstack and Kubernetes

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

In addition to its new security concept Appdefense, VMware has introduced new innovations at its two major annual conferences in the US and most recently in Europe, which will expand its virtualization infrastructure. However, VMware not only targets major customers such as telecom companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. In Las Vegas, VMware already presented its cooperation with Amazons Web Services.

For the new security solution Appdefense, there are some additional details: To manage the security concept in the ESX hypervisor, there must, of course, also be a management software that will run outside the hypervisor. This is a service that is also to be specifically secured.
Appdefense is only available in Europe in 2018
The management software will run in VMware's own cloud in the foreseeable future. VMware needs to align its offering with the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDDP), which will enter into force in May 2018. For reasons of data protection, the administration software for Appdefense must therefore run in an exclusively Europe-based cloud. This is why the service is not yet available in Germany. VMware did not want to set a precise date yet, the speech is the first half year 2018.
VMware, according to its own data, has learned from conversations with customers in recent months that the topics centralized network capabilities and, above all, security plays an important role. In the highly successful, since functionally extensive virtualized network solution NSX, Appdefense has already been installed, which allows re-routing, network isolation or even sniffing with conspicuous virtual machines. On the subject of security is probably also the now presented service HCX, which will be available from November 2017 with the offerers IBM and OHV.

Fast migration in the data center
VMwares HCX is designed to simplify the seamless migration of numerous large virtual machines between different cloud environments. The new service relies on existing techniques such as vMotion and NSX. For example, HCX provides a network overlay that does not require any customization to network infrastructure on a virtual machine when it is migrated from one infrastructure to another. This seamless transfer is especially tailored to data centers that offer their customers a fast and uncomplicated migration from a private to a public cloud, for example in case of a threat or simply because the IT infrastructure has to be upgraded to a different location.
In addition to HCX, the most important offer extension for Datacenter customers is VMwares Cloud Provider Platform. This allows operators of a data center to offer the numerous VMware products in their own packages tailored to individual customers. The framework is based on a reference design, which is certified by VMware and is composed, among other things, of the most important components of the software-defined data center (SDDC). For example, data centers can offer roll-based access to VMware's virtualized network environment, NSX. The offer is, of course, intended to lure additional customers into the cloud, if the move is made as safe and easy as possible.
Cloud management in virtual reality
This includes a new virtual reality solution, which, combined with VR glasses and gestures, is designed to allow easy management of virtual machines. Anyway, Virtual Reality plays an increasingly important role in VMware. Already at the VMworld in Las Vegas the company presented a solution, which represents virtualized infrastructures in 3D and accesses the APIs of vRealize. Both solutions are still in the development stage.
Openstack for telecommunication providers
VMware has now also discovered the telecommunication companies as customers. A specially crafted package called VMware Integrated Openstack 4.0 is designed to help businesses transition to virtualization. On the basis of NSX, VMware provides a multi-vendor and multi-domain NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) platform. This vCLoud NFV package is based on a specially adapted openstack solution. To this end, VMware has worked closely with Openstack developers to customize the open source cloud solution for its own infrastructure.
The goal is to establish VMware as a reliable infrastructure provider. On the other hand, telecom operators should be allowed to maintain their existing OpenStack solutions. Especially VMwares NSX is obviously very popular there. With this new offer, telecommunication providers are to be prepared for the expected significant increase in data traffic during the introduction of 5G. The first customer in Germany is Vodafone.
VMware increasingly relies on containers
Kubernetes and Docker are designed to appeal to customers who want to keep more control over their infrastructure and, above all, rely on open source. Docker can be used with vSphere 6.5 and 6.0, now Kubernetes has also been integrated into VMware's infrastructure. For the orchestration of several containers, NSX or the virtual memory management vSAN can be used again. Again, the goal is to integrate as many offers as possible into VMware's administrative tools. When asked whether NSX might be released as open source software, there was a clear "no". However, in the future, it is hoped to release as many APIs as possible so that other partners can better align their own products to VMware solutions.


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