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Virtual Reality: Sony lowers price of Playstation VR

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

Sony has effectively lowered the price for Playstation VR in the US by about 60 dollars – so, at least, Mary Yee, who is responsible for the marketing of the headset, argues a few days ago in the official blog. The reason for this is that the Playstation Camera required for the use of the device will no longer have to be bought separately, but will be enclosed in principle. Nice for beginners, but a bit stupid for people, the camera has already added and, for example, a damaged Playstation VR must replace. The prices quoted do not include VAT in the USA.

In Germany, there is as yet no official pricing, but a drastic at Amazon.de: The online retailer has sold Playstation VR since September 1, 2017 for around 300 euros – which is just 100 euros less than the previous official price. However, the camera is not included. On the product side the old price is not indicated, so that the suspicion is obvious that it was not Amazon.de, but it is an agreement with Sony.
With other German traders we have not noticed such a price reduction. The current official UVP of about 400 euros underbids almost all, albeit mostly only 20 to 40 euros. In the US as well as in Europe, bundles with accessories such as the software VR Worlds, the camera and the move controllers are available.

Currently, there is a lot of prices for VR headsets. First, Oculus had offered its Rift including the touch controller against a bundle around 140 euros cheaper. Since the middle of August 2017 competitor HTC offers its Vive instead for 900 euro for only 700 euro. Many of the virtual reality headsets for Windows 10, such as those from Dell, Lenovo, HP or Acer, presented at the Ifa, cost around 350 euros without and 450 euros with input devices.

In the case of pioneers such as Rift and Vive, insiders expect the manufacturers to gradually present successors with new functions. Above all, support for wireless VR is likely to come, but also tracking without external sensors and higher resolutions are probably quite high on the engineers' plans. So far, there are no concrete announcements. A successor for Playstation VR is not to be expected in the foreseeable future.


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