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Violent Moto3 accident: Loi thrown through air and injured

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Sports

September 09, 2017 – 7:17 pm
Moto3 driver Livio Loi can no longer avoid a motorcycle lying on the ideal line and crashes heavily – The Honda pilot falls out with a key chain break

Livio Loi crashed in Misano, and injured her shoulder

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(cafetheology.org) – Scarecrowing in the Moto3 qualifying of San Marino: Honda rider Livio Loi turns to the finish line on his last fast lap and is surprised by Gabriel Rodrigo's bike, which is ahead of him on the track. The young Belgian can no longer evade and lose control of his own bike. He is thrown through the air, touched by the motorcycle and finally hits hard on the asphalt. But the leopard racing driver has luck in the misfortune. He can first leave the accident site independently and is still received at the pit wall by the first medical staff. Already Loi holds the left shoulder, which indicates a keyhole break. This suspicion was confirmed a little later. The 20-year-old will soon be on the way home to recover, the team said. "I was really unlucky." Suddenly it was in front of me, I would like to thank everyone for their support see us in Japan again. " So the Moto3 pilot will not only miss tomorrow's race in Misano, but also the Aragon Grand Prix in two weeks. Loi currently has 59 World Cup points on the 13th overall place. His best season ranking was a fourth place in Spielberg.Rodrigo, who had unintentionally triggered Lois Crash through his fall, regrets the incident. "I want to give Livio Loi my best wishes, I hope he is okay after he collides with my motorbike," says the Argentinian, who himself slipped into the runout zone and remained uninjured. "In the last sector, I made a mistake and fell, now we have to look into the data to see what happened."


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