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Villeneuve is annoyed: Kubica has not earned a second chance

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08. September 2017 – 11:18

Jacques Villeneuve does not understand the hype surrounding Robert Kubica

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(cafetheology.org) – The Formula 1 world is excited by a possible comeback from Robert Kubica, but his former team-mate Jacques Villeneuve can not understand the whole enthusiasm for the Polish at all. "I honestly do not understand it," shakes the former world champion opposite 'f1nal-lap.be' the head. "He had won a race like Maldonado, but what happened after that?" "I do not know why," he said. ", Villeneuve looks for a sporting justification for the hype – but can not find any. "In addition, he is no longer at 100 percent today. What do you want to do with it?" The Canadian believes that only his heavy rally crash Kubica is talking about. "If he did not have his problem, he would never get a second chance," he says, finding that there would be many other riders in Formula 1 who would have earned a second chance but never got it. "This is hard to digest," Villeneuve said.

The common time at BMW Sauber describes Villeneuve as "intolerable"

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And then the ex-pilot still reveals that there was tensions in the common time at BMW Sauber. At the time, Villeneuve was on the side of Nick Heidfeld stammpilot with the German team, Kubica was third rider. "It was unbearable," he etches. "It was difficult on a social level, and it was a terrible month for me," he says with his brief guest performance at BMW-Sauber. Villeneuve was replaced after an accident in Hockenheim by Kubica and then did not drive a Formula 1 race anymore. Critics, the 46-year-old but also for Toro Rosso and especially Daniil Kwjat left. He had not lost his cockpit because he was a Russian, Villeneuve said. "He does not deserve this place this year, he's only there for political and media reasons," he says. "He is still not at the level of (Carlos) Sainz and is nothing but stupid stuff and never learns from it." And that Kwjat is not on the level of Sainz is critical in two respects, because even the Spaniard belongs to Villeneuve is not one of the highlights of Formula 1. "He's the same driver as three or four years ago," he does not see any development. "In addition, he often spits on Toro Rosso: 'The car is not good, I do not want to be on the team any more', so I would not be surprised if the two not longer Formula 1 drive.


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