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Videos: Youtube brings HDR on smartphones

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Gadgets

The video platform Youtube is currently gradually switching the HDR function for mobile devices. If you have a smartphone that supports Mobile HDR, you could already watch videos with increased dynamics.

With our Galaxy Note 8, HDR videos already work
Golem.de has tried with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is like the Galaxy S8 or the LG V30 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium HDR-capable. If we look at an HDR video, the resolution settings already display different resolutions with HDR abbreviations behind it.
It is conceivable that the new function will not be immediately available to all users. It is helpful to get the latest version of the Youtube app.
Greater dynamics capture makes more beautiful videos
HDR videos have HDR photos with a larger dynamic range. Correspondingly, shadows are less dark and light areas are not overexposed. Overall, this gives a more balanced picture.
Youtube had already enabled the HDR function for smart TVs, but not yet for mobile devices such as smartphones. Last year, first manufacturers have released smartphones with mobile HDR support, such as the LG, Samsung and Sony.

Numerous Playlists at Youtube
If you want to try the new function, you can search for HDR playlists on Youtube. Frequently, there are landscapes and animals that show the effect well. We can not switch off the HDR function with videos, which they offer, by the way.


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