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Video surveillance: Merkel expects facial recognition at all stations

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel expects the full-scale expansion of automated facial recognition across Germany. Asked if there would be this form of video surveillance at all stations in ten years, the CDU-top candidate answered on a Tuesday evening in Stuttgart after a long thought: "I think so, of course, under strict conditions , but in ten years' time one will have the technical possibility, and I suspect that we will use it, at least at the focal points. " Merkel discussed the future of the automotive industry and the digitalization with the chief editors Christoph Reisinger (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) and Joachim Dorfs (Stuttgarter Zeitung).
Together with Deutsche Bahn, the Federal Government is currently testing so-called intelligent video surveillance systems at the S├╝dkreuz train station in Berlin. Data protectors criticize the project. According to an opinion of the scientific services in the Bundestag, however, the use of such systems is not permitted under the current legal situation.

Like with the electrons and the socket
In the discussion, Merkel repeated her demand that programming should be among the basic skills of people besides reading, computation and writing. "I am convinced … that the ability to program the simple ways of programming that the children should learn," Merkel said, explaining further, "Because they then have a basic understanding of how a robot works as certain Things work like an app. " Then she drew parallels to her own school education: "Just as we have learned how the electrons and the socket are, the children of today have to learn what is behind all these digital possibilities."

However, Chancellor Angela Merkel does not expect the possibility of electronic voting in the coming decade. The Chancellor referred to a corresponding judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, which had prohibited the use of electoral computers. "Under no circumstances" with Google, Merkel answered the question whether the votes could even be given over the search engine group. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) had revealed on Thursday that even the currently used software for transmission of election results has serious security gaps.


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