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Vettel & Mercedes: A Conversation, But No Negotiations

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 09:01

Niki Lauda and Sebastian Vettel: We would like to have been Muschen …

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(cafetheology.org) – With his flaky nature, Niki Lauda has once again brought his partner Toto Wolff into the Bredouille. In the course of the contract extension of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, the Austrian on the sidelines of the Grand Prix of Belgium (Formula 1 2017 live on the ticker) confirmed that between Mercedes and Vettel talks took place. "We once talked to him for a while," Lauda said in a statement, "Sky Sports F1". "But the more competitive the Ferrari becomes, the less reason it has to go, so we have already canceled the talks a few months ago." "Every driver talks to more than one team, if he is smart, that just puts you in a better bargaining position, I think that's what he did." So there were talks between Mercedes and Vettel? Wolff had denied the weeks before. Especially after his private visit to Vettel's 30s celebration in Switzerland the Medienecho was great. And when the Valtteri Bottas partout contract was not extended, many of them concluded: Mercedes is only waiting for what Vettel is doing to make an offer if necessary. But Wolff denies: "There were zero talks with Sebastian about a contract between him And Mercedes, not even on the birthday party. " And if I do not want to say something, I will not say anything. "Dementi of something that no one has presumed, which indeed means in reverse, That Lauda must have lied, whose statements permit very little scope for interpretation. Wolff draws himself with the following line of argument from the mess: There was a loose talk with Vettel, yes, a harmless small talk – but no explicit contract negotiations. "Niki met Sebastian with a coffee." Toto Wolff "You meet the paddock," Wolff interferes, "and sometimes you quarrel, then: 'How are you? How is it? ' Niki met Sebastian with a coffee and asked him, 'Besides, what are you going to do for the next three years?' And Sebastian said, 'I'm just thinking about it.' It was a conversation. " "It was not coffee, because there is no cafe between the Hospitality and the pit lane. They just crossed each other." "If you talk it as a conversation, two people in the paddock accidentally cross the path And say that maybe one day should be entertained, then yes, it was a conversation, but I would not classify it as a negotiation, and it never went beyond it, "says the Mercedes sports chef, muttering that the information situation Fräuenste "confusing" msse.Vettel confirms WolffsrepresentationImmerhin: Vettel confirms the Mercedes representation. "I've been in this paddock for quite some time now, and I know a lot of people, so it's not uncommon to be a fan, but it was never more than a conversation – and it was mostly about quite different things to be honest . "It is assumed that Vettel wants a rear door to Mercedes open. Lauda would be glad that he had advised the German in the harmless chatting to have an exit clause integrated into the new three-year contract – in the event that Mercedes 2019 should be the sportingly more attractive variant. At the same time Mercedes would help with negotiations with Vettel himself if it does not come to a deal. Then, when it comes to Hamilton's salary, and a plan B can be shown, Lauda has once again signed, Lauda finds "logical." Why should he leave a team with whom he wins? With the heart and earn a lot of money, and if the car is fast, you will never leave. "


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