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Vettel incident: What was not seen in the TV picture

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 20:57

Sebastian Vettel had to leave the chicane once – no one noticed it

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(cafetheology.org) – Actually, Sebastian Vettel seemed to have had a relatively normal working day on Sunday in Monza, at the end of which he came in third place without any special incidents. Without special incidents? Thought! But in boxing radio after the turnaround, Vettel dropped the following sentence: "In the last 15 to 20 laps – after my departure – something was wrong." "What is the departure?" Many spectators thought. For hardly anyone had noticed that the Ferrari-Pilot had broken the first chicane in the 40th round. On the TV these pictures were never shown, and who was not on the spot or showed by means of live timing that Vettel had left the curve and lost in the first sector for almost two seconds, was surprised. Vettel had to portray himself afterwards , what happened. "I had braked for the first corner, and then it 'krack' made – and then suddenly the steering left a bit down," he tells. Vettel had to drive through the emergency exit and lost time. But much worse: "After that, I just did not feel the car anymore. It was a bit on the brakes when braking." Vettel had no more confidence in the brakes when braking, and braking is so important on hardly any other track Factor as on the high-speed line of Monza, which consists almost exclusively of straight lines and hard braking zones. "If you do not feel comfortable on the brakes, then there's a bit of time flipping." The problem was that Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) pushed on fresh supersofts from behind and came second by second. Vettel knew that the Australian was fast, but also that he still had a good lead. "But I had my slip-up in the first corner and I lost a lot of time, I could not go to the limit anymore, I did not want to risk a further ride, because then there are ruckzuck a second or two seconds." , that the radio no longer ran on one ear. "But that's how it is sometimes," Vettel dismisses and is glad that he could save the third place with a four-second lead in the finish. "It was important to fix the result in the end," he says. Mission succeeded.


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